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LOD problem, very large object around the track!

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Cloudheaven, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Hi guys! :D
    With a 3D program, I have created a large and accurated GPS terrain for my track with
    50+ textures, the problem is that the 3D terrain (imported via Xpacker) is VERY LARGE, more than 20km²! :tongue:
    In BTB, if I try to setting the LOD at the terrain, i see that the maximum range is 10000!
    How I can overcome that? There is a way through a setting on the Xpacker, the .ini of the track
    or this is impossible? I hope not! I don't want waste my work :frown:

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english!
  2. My 3D terrain is quite simple, but I need an accurate representation of the important
    scenery around the track, there isn't any way to have this? :(
  3. "Page not found" would love to know what was the solution.
  4. The LOD does not specify the area of viewing, just the distance to the object. You can set 500 meters as well as 10 000 - if your terrain is under your car (means all the time you are close to it) - you will see it in game in both cases.
  5. Isn't LOD based on the objects origo/pivot point? For very large objects, you most certainly need to split them in to smaller chunks. GPU does not like single objects in that magnitude anyway, you most certainly will have problems with it, HAT is going to be extremely large if you tick that huge objects as drivable and probably get bugs like car sinking in the ground.

    You can try "Render always" since it's the most important piece on the project and is always visible. But splitting it in smaller pieces is very much recommended. Any object that is larger than say, 500m in length is about maximum what you should do, i've used succesfully large mountain regions in 3-4km lengths but they are over 1½km from the track... Splitting it after you've tried it on the project and "driving" around to see how you should split making the viewpoint (what you actually see ingame from the car) the deciding factor and closeness to the actual track. Closest to the track should be smaller and markes as drivable and farther sections as drivable = off (also make it as collision=off, shadow receiver & caster = off. You need only the "render" set on for the most distant terrain meshes.) The farther the object is, the larger it can be.