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Lock ups

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by emppu, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. How do you avoid locking up when braking hard? I've started driving with no assists and I have to brake like 50-100 meters earlier because I can barely touch the brakes for fear of locking up. Do I need to buy that spring mod for the G27 that you see on eBay? It's really annoying and impossible for me to find a good strength to push the brake with because there is no indication of how close I am to locking the tires, it just instantly happens and then there is no chance to stop.
  2. What about trying increasing brake saturation, this should soften it?
  3. I'll try that- its at 0% (i think) it can't get much lower than that!
  4. I use a G27, all stock (I kinda opened it up and cleaned the pots regularly though)

    Here's the thing with braking on straights in F1 2012, at about 100M<X<200M, you can slam the brakes to 100% and slowly lift it and then tapping it down a little to compensate if you feel you need to slow down.

    When slowing down for a turn, try moderately stepping on it

    Race line is your best teacher, understand the required braking amounts (I can somehow late brake when it's yellow-orange, and not lock) coupled with the attack angles.
  5. oddly, I had the saturation at 25% and putting it at 95% (couldn't go further for some reason) made it really touchy. I put it at 0% and it is great for my style I guess. At least a lot better than it was, I haven't gotten skilled overnight