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Loan Cars

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Paulo Ribeiro, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Are there any members that are so kind that can loan some cars?
    I explain. I'm stuck.
    I am at level 22 A-Spec, the first 3 level challenges are all gold now.
    4th level challenge, I haven't any proper car for the 'Historic Car Cup'
    nor any car for the 'Gran Turismo All Stars', I upgraded a Corvette Z1 and A Viper to 740 hp and all the stuff, but those prototypes do corners like they are in rails.
    At the last Radical challenge, on the 'Like the Wind' I upgarded the Bugatti Veyron to 1400 hp and the soft race tires, but despite the top speed it just doesn't turn enough to get advantege to the others.
    Nascar series, I can't do it also, because I can't get all the Nascar events to gain a Nascar car race.
    Finaly 'DTM', I don't have any DTM car and they are not available to buy in 2nd hand nor in the works shop.
    Most important (unfortunately) I haven't the spare time to try it over and over, and honestly, Nascar events with the PAD are crapp, at least for me the driving is like I was hugely drunk.

    If anyone be so kind to loan me some cars, I would give them back after finishing the challenges. I believe it is possible at GT5 do this, right?

    I hope for the good news now. :D


    My PSN ID: pribeiro66
  2. You can buy the Lexus IS F Racing Concept in the dealership, and I saw multiple DTM cars in used car lot, they are expansive tough. The Lexus is only 750,000 and well worth it, as you can also use it in the Super GT.

    Use the Race modded Corvette ZR1 (very important to race mod, because it gives downforce like a LMP (And it's possible to give it 900+ bhp)) to win 'like the wind' and then you win a Minolta 88-CV, which beats the GT Allstars quite easily.

    The Historic Car Cup is just pretty hard, it's possible with a fully tuned Countach, but it's still pretty hard even with a wheel. I suggest to start playing B-spec so you can win the Toyota 7 race car, and use that to beat the Historic Cup.
  3. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Thanks for the tips Ben.
  4. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Followed the ZR1 tip, but it's insane the difference of top speed, even with the rear wing at minimum downforce at Indy.
    At Daytona couldn't do best than a 12th place. And now I have only 700 k. :p
  5. You should put maximum downforce, then you can go fullthrottle trough the corners ;)
  6. With the ZR-1 you need to do the race modification, this reduces the weight and adds a huge ammount of adjustable downforce to the front end of the car, aswel as extra downforce. The race modded ZR-1 is fast enough to win against the prototypes in the GT All Stars aswell as the Like the Wind competition by quite a margin.

    To win at indy in "Like the Wind" you need to be able to drive around in about 44sec, the ZR-1 Race modded will pull it off in the mid to low 42's.
  7. Thank you for the tips Ben........... works a treat :)
  8. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Ryan, or it is me or it is the fact I play with the PAD, I can't be that good with the ZR1 race modification. At Indianapolis, my PB is ~48 secs and my best finish is 7th. T Daytona, I must break miles earlier than the prototypes and exiting corners I can't accelerate untill the car is almost straight or the rear end will spin, even with TC at 5. Any tip for the setup please? By now I have a hammer next to my PS. :console::hammer:
  9. I'd imagine gamepad on oval tracks being a real burden. You have very small angle to work with with the turning, so it requires a lot of precision or turning on as many helps as possible. With wheel the amount of turn-in is very small (even on 900 degrees wheels), I couldn't be bothered to do that with a gamepad, really.
  10. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    I must say that it is a tremendous fail of PD, if some events, Licences and challenges are almost impossible to achieve with the game PAD that comes with the Console. Unfortunately there are many fails and mistakes about GT5, despite it is a very nice entertainment game.
  11. Do you have the downforce on the car set to maximum with the race mod installed? when i did this i didnt use my brakes in the corners and was able to pull a decent lead away from the prototype cars without ever needing to lift off full throttle. setup is important. This is how mine is setup.

    Downforce : Max front/back.
    Initial torque: 10
    Acc sens: 20
    Brake sens: 10
    Ride h: 5/5
    Spring: 16.6/14.4
    Damp ext 9/7
    Damp comp: 9/7
    Anti RB: 3/5
    Camber: 2/1.5
    Toe: 0/-0.30
    Brakes: 5/6
  12. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Thanks Ryan, I aprecciate your hints and try it later.

    I must say I feel that it is quite unreal and ridiculous, win races with a GT car against prototypes, in the 'Like the Wind' challenge.
    Challenge that is great and more real on the American Championship, only with GT opponents. On there, I used the ZR1 and won all races.
    I managed to get an extra 'money' winning American championship races and a 3rd place at Daytona's Like the Wind race and bought an Audi A4 DTM car for 955 K to make DTM races, now I have only 250, I hope I didn't ruin the game.
  13. Well, with the amount of mods in the 'Vette it's almost like a prototype at this point too ;).
    I don't remember where, but I won the A4 DTM car (the older, "Playstation 2" concept) somewhere along, thought it was a standard prize (and it drives amazingly). About the money - don't be afraid, grinding is always an option :D
  14. Dont forget the prototypes are restricted by their class regulations ;)

    A fully tuned prototype will kick the ZR1's ass :)
  15. You guys tried the special challenge "World Tour - Eiger Nordwand"? This was a pain with the controler... :damnit:
  16. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Thank you Ryan, with your setup I managed a 2nd place now. Btw, how is your driving help setup? TC, ABS....
  17. I often like to drive it with ABS set to 1/10, traction control off, however if you turn the traction control to 1 it will keep your tires alive a lot better while still giving you a lot of control, i don't think it makes you slower and it keeps you on the safe side, however the car should drive very smoothly and easily with it set off, personal preference really.

    As for the gamepad, i also find it difficult to use, in the old games i always used a gamepad but a wheel with GT5, i thought it was just down to the game being set to "Simulation" controller mode as the old games worked really well with a gamepad, though i do well in rallying with the gamepad i found indianapolis to be very difficult if i'm not using my wheel.

    Being faster than prototypes in the ZR-1 is maybe a bit unrealistic but the AI have always been slow in GT5, they brake too early in the corners and sometimes brake where they don't need to, this is where you get the advantage. Also the prototypes are 650bhp (ish) racing cars where as the ZR-1 is an 850bhp racing car, even though the prototypes are still faster its enough of a difference to beat the AI who under drive the cars.
  18. I used the game pad for this one and was able to do it.

    Fully tuned-race modded-then had to enable and install the stage 3 engine again and the other parts through tuning.

    Car settings
    Body/Chassis-Aerodynamics-Downforce- Front 35 Rear 60
    Transmission-Gear Ratio-Max Speed-298 for the ring and i dropt it to 255 for the road race one.

    The trick is not to hit your brakes on the ring one, maybe let go of the power if you find you cant turn proberly but not to brake. Other members might have a better way but thats how i managed to do it, see if it helps you.
  19. Paulo Ribeiro
    Max downforce real to end
    use racing soft tires
    Transmission top speed 390~440km/h
    suspension Anti-roll bar 7-7
    Camber Angle(-) 1.5-3.5
    Toe Angle 0.15-0.50
    these should work fine for u
    good luck mate^^
  20. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Thank you Ryan and Mr. Hirodren for your help, I will try it on Saturday and post here what I achieved.