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Loading setups

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by TheRocker74, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Can anyone help me in how to load setups you found on the web into the game? When I go to car setups I can only see the default file.

  2. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    What game are we talking about?
  3. Sorry, I meant Race.
  4. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    You need to put the 'svm' file (unzipped) in the following directory:

    C:\Race WTCC\Steam\SteamApps\(your account)\race\UserData\(RACE name)\CarSetups

    Put the file into the track on which you wish to use it and it will be there when you star your game.
  5. Thanks man! Now let's see what I can do about my slow 1:38 at Oschersleben... :)
  6. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    haha, I guess you'll need more than a good setup to go faster.

    My tip is this:
    1) Beat the driver in the DRIVER DUEL (which is Andy Priaulx with about 1.35).
    2) Improve your lines.
    3) improve our setup for a more steady driving.
  7. I know, man, totally aware of that I'm afraid...

    Anyway, doing high 1:36s know with the setup. And now it's up to the lines I guess.

    Waiting a bit with catching Andy, still busy with my own ghost lap.

    Thanks dude!!!
  8. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    You're welcome and good luck of course!