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WIP Llwyn-on Reservoir Brecon Beacons Wales

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Fatboymart, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Llwyn-on reservoir
    Brecon Beacons

    Not in the same league as others but two years of sweat and frustration have got me to within 75% of completion. (no - more like 45% when I look at the to do list)

    BTB V 0.8 has been the catalyst that took me to another level.

    Without AIW I wouldn't have the time to get the track near completion.

    Too do:

    AIW still has issues.
    Street lights
    Reservoir water (Water XPACK anyone please :))
    and much more

    see you in another two years :waiting:

  2. :plus1:

    water texture, on ground (terrain) or a normal btb road/wall ? this is the one i'm doing at the moment.althought if it for terrain area, it might be alwright.has long has it doesn't have any patterns inside.:)


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  3. Thanks Ed, My problem is I dont know what to do with that texture, I suppose its time to learn. :)
  4. well you could just leave it has a jpg,but i usally use the tga format,has it keeps it in tacked,jpg seems to loose some of the quality of the picture.

    but if you want i can put it in dds fileformat.and attached here in zip format.or if you don't like that one. try here and attached it here.

    or tutorial here if you want to try it yourself, in photoshop
  5. make sure you use a specular map with the water texture :)
  6. Thanks Both.

    Plain (27) looks just like the water in the reservoir.

    If I was to use plain 27, Could that texture spread the whole of the reservoir (as seen in cgtextures) or would the texture repeat itself multiple times in game?

    What I want to avoid is the appearance of the texture repeating itself multiple times to cover the reservoir. this makes a chess board effect rather then one body of water?
  7. The tutorial refers to my comments re "Image Repeats"...

    Now, of course, if you begin to tile the new seamless image a lot and zoom out, you will be able to see pattern and repetition - which is to be expected. This has nothing to do with seam lines, but it will create the appearance of seam lines at the points where any obvious patterns in the image repeats. Unfortunately, that is much harder to fix - and often requires multiple original images. And that is a topic for a future tutorial.

    Do you know how to cure this?


  8. well the problem with adding a texture to a terrain is that it goes in at an awkward angled and looks erm, pretty s***,if you use the wall objected you can scale it so the without the seamless texture tutorial.really depends how big this water feature is going to be,if it big you probably best bet is to split the wall section up.
  9. Take a look at the KML hovering over the reservoir. Its a pretty big area to fill.

    Without water it isn't going to look so great

    What do you think I should do?

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  10. whoa, that big,

    the best way for that is to blend the background/with a water texture,like i'm doing at top gear australia.m8
    add a background picture, then water texture with a specular map behind it has woochoo says.might be better.

    but i would experiment on a dummy project first to see what the best.
    note:also don't forget if you select the terrain area you want for water, you can split it.so it separated from the rest of the terrain area.

    Edited:hmm, my dds save file isn't working in photoshop anymore,getting weird crossed lines
  11. Good advice - thanks.

    I'll split the large water area into smaller sections by adding roads (if thats how I understand it) and add the blended water to smaller areas.

    I'm having problems getting the blender to work, so i'll wait to see if piddy has a fix (regarding other posts I've read)

    I'll post another short clip from the race later. could you give me your opinion on whether my idea to put traffic on the road - forcing you to make lane changes is a good or bad idea? My wife hate's it and wants me to remove them, I'm undecided.
  12. erm your wife right, aren't they always,although i don't have one:).listen to the little woman.or the frying pan, any way sounds painfully. hehe

    the terrain area, i was talking about was in the terrain editor they another split function,which takes all the selected nodes and makes it one completed separated area. so you have terain for out,inside,middle

    blender, option is to selected the nodes first,and then the textures changes.any otherway seems to give btb a hissy fit.
  13. Thanks Ed

    I didn't have a chance to put up the updated look of the track, ill try a little later today.

    i've added the terrain as per your advice and for now used a sandy colour to give some in fill. Ill continue to improve this following you and Woochoo's advice later this evening.


  14. i look at the video, did see you have a problem with the aiw.too get rid of that you need to do the rfactor aiw editor.and redo the lines again.it the only way to get rid of the circling aiw
  15. E
    Hi Ed. Been working away this week so spent little time on track. Took you advice and sorted AIW, Hopfully have more time to progress this weekend.


  16. I have progressed at a slow pace. this is the latest improvement to the track.

    Why wife & kids dont like the vehicles I have placed on the track. they want me to remove them to open up the overtaking zones.

    They are probably correct. I wanted to try and install a sense of road racing, but I dont think it comes off.

    should I remove the vehicles or keep them?
  17. personally if i was racing on that i would ask to remove the tractors,and jcb the other vehicles off track are ok,you could loose a lot of overtaking on thoose.
    especially if there are collision on,the fences need to have collision on too.has it gives off the impression of invulerbility.imo that it.so people might like it,most virtual racers will probably hate it.Sorry m8, bit blunt.

  18. No worries, I want the feedback.

    The vehicles were a bit of an over indulgence, I'll remove them as they add nothing to the racing.

    Ill also sort out collide as I forgot that option doesn't seem to be default on.

    I'll also tighten up the aiw on the walls so the cars dont keep hitting them after I make them collideable.

    I had trouble with blending a week ago before the latest patch, I want to make the shear face of the mountain rocky but couldn't get the blend feature to work as before.

    thanks Ed keep up the comments, ill get better at what I'm doing that way


  19. well i'm sort experiment with the water on terrain texture, with a bit of blended sand to give it a sorted of transparent feel,water mixed with a sand texture.

    have found a problem with this method thou, i can't seem to edit the center of the water,it just stops at the edge of the grass and refuses to move.

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  20. That looks great.

    You dont have any of the chess board effect at all doing it this way.

    I have removed all the vehicles. the track looks a lot better now.

    If it doesn't take up too much of your time I would really appreciate you getting to the bottom of the options to in fill my reservoir with water :)