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Liveries and Vinyls

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Wayne Thomas, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Not sure how many of you are into design etc. I love painting in FM. If anyone has requests for designs, plates, logos etc, post a pic and I will see what I can do. I may charge depending on how long it takes to knock up ....... I'm not brilliant, so don't expect miracles! But they could be one of a kind, until someone copies them

    Anyone else willing to help out for the RDDC club stick a post here ......

    Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder ...... You can always p.m. me if you wish ......

  2. Hi mate,

    wouldn't mind if you can do something like this:


    For a Renault Clio, I'm a reserve currently for the Clio cup that you guys are doing, So would like the relevant number box, details inserted with Surname (Sylvester) and a number that is available (72 possibly???). obviously if you cant find/create all the decals dont worry, just put something similar in it's place im not that fussed!

    Just like the colour scheme, and maybe a fun first project for you! dont mind paying whatever (100K??) upon completion mate.

    I myself enjoy painting on this game so look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Good luck mate :D
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  3. I'll give it a bash!
  4. Great stuff mate! will be sure to give it an outing if i ever get in a Clio cup race lol! you can see your work as you lap me mate haha
  5. I'm after two vinyls one for the Cruzcampo mascot and one of the Cruzcampo logo. I currently have one of the logo off the storefront but it has a white background and it would be great to either have it without a background or an unlocked one that I can edit the background colour to match the car it's being placed on.


    It's the beer brewed in my home town so I'd like to use them extensively on my cars.
  6. Good luck with the designs Wayne. You need the patience of a saint with some of this stuff as you can't import any outside images, its all created from scratch.

    How long stuff like this takes, I have no idea, but I bow down to their talent.........


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  7. It's my relaxation hobby.
    Also it is possible to hack images onto cars but not something I'd entertain ....

    Tom, that one looks beyond my humble talents! Lol. The word is not a problem but the man!!!!!l maybe just his hand and stein .......

    Daz, thanks for the p.m. I'll have your ONE DIRECTION Nissan Micra ready by the weekend! Pink car wasnt it .....
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  8. Most of the logos are sorted bar a couple, even managed a reasonable effort of the F1 car in the TEAM SPIRIT logo! Ready early next week with a good wind behind me ..... :)
    I'll post a pic update if I get a chance ......
    Your is next then Tom.
  9. [​IMG]
    Blue needs tweaking, some more logos ....... Anything else Ry?
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  10. I Like that mate!! would possibly like to see a little of the dark blue somewhere also (although that might be on the other side of the Yellow stripe I can't tell from this angle). But brilliant so far mate! just hope I get a race now lol!
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  11. Yeah, the black is dark blue but maybe too dark! I was also thinking more yellow over the top and bonnet ... Maybe a bigger central stripe, edged in the dark blue .... It's still a w.i.p....... Base livery easily changed and logo siting a snip now they are done
  12. agree with possible colour amendments. sound good to me

    Great stuff mate I'm well impressed! looks like you'll be earning this 100K mate lol!
  13. Wayne, first off that Renault livery is smashing! Secondly, don't worry about the R18++ livery- I'm having a crack at that one and so far it's coming along all right. So yeah whatever you can manage with the Cruzcampo logos would be great. There'll be cars galore with them once I've got 'em. May even have to change my racing colours from green to red!
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  14. Wayne that clio is legendary!!! Awesome!!!
  15. Not sure how I missed this earlier, that's amazing, Wayne!

    Fancy doing one based on the current Lotus F1 car?!
  16. Top notch work Wayney-boy.

  17. Post some pics here and I'll get on to it eventually:)
  18. Update v.2
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  19. Now that is it!! love it!!
  20. Really hope i get a race now though!!! lol