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Live for Speed

Discussion in 'Live for Speed' started by Grzesiek Zabielski, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. The race has been moved back a week to avoid clashes with GT2 World Series. Dates are changed accordingly. Start times are added to this post as well.
  2. [​IMG]
    After long waiting it begins. The 16th S2 season of CityLiga. The biggest German-based Live for Speed league features 9 different car-track-combinations. Like in the past years mondays are reserved for CityLiga every fortnight.
    CityLiga is for everyone: fast or slow, long LFS member or beginner. The important point is to enjoy a fair competition. With the large number of drivers entering CityLiga there is competition for everyone.

    Visit our website http://www.cityliga.de to create an account and to sign up for the new season. Here is the link to the sign-up application: http://cityliga.de/home/429.html Moreover you can take a look at the archive on our website to get an impression of CityLiga by watching some vintage races in the stream's section or looking through the results of the past.

    Grid qualification 03.08.2012 to 13.08.2012:
    • BMW Sauber F1.06 (BF1) @ Aston Shootee rev. (A34r*)
    • LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic (F25*)
    1. 20.08.2012 - XF GTI (XFG) & XR GT (XRG) with 1% intake @ South City Classic rev. (SO1r)
      Two Lap qualifying / 71 lap race
    2. 03.09.2012 - BMW Sauber F1.06 (BF1) @ Aston Shootee rev. (A34r*)
      12 minute qualifying followed by an 8 minute session for the Top-Eight / 49 lap race
    3. 17.09.2012 - LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic (F25*)
      15 minute qualifying / 43 lap race with mandatory pitstop between lap 3 and 40
    4. 01.10.2012 - Formula BMW FB02 (FBM) @ South City Chicane Route (SO6)
      15 minute two shot qualifying / 2 races of 31 laps, Top-Eight of race 1 start race 2 in reversed order
    5. 15.10.2012 - ??? @ Kyoto (combo will be decided based on poll results - link: http://cityliga.de/forum/235-aktuelle-Saison-(CL16)/18070-Umfrage--Poll-R05-(Kyoto).html#18070)
    6. 29.10.2012 - FXO Turbo (FXO) with 7% intake, RB4 GT (RB4) & XR GT Turbo (XRT) with 3% intake @ Aston Grand Prix (AS5)
      15 minute race fuel qualifying / 20 lap race
    7. 12.11.2012 - UF 1000 (UF1) @ Fern Bay Cadet rev (F11r*)
      starting line-up based on tracker results / 2 races of 26 laps with mandatory pitstops, reversed grid in the size of half of the finishers of race 1
    8. 26.11.2012 - UF GTR (UFR) with 1% intake & XF GTR (XFR) @ Blackwood Grand Prix rev. (BL1r)
      15 minute qualifying / 54 lap race
    9. 10.12.2012 - Formula XR (FOX) @ Fern Bay Gold rev. (FE3r)
      5 lap qualifying race / 1 hour race with mandatory pitstop between minute 28 and 32

    * = denotes open configurations

    web version of the schedule: http://cityliga.de/en/schedule.html

    Sign up for an interesting season!
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  3. [​IMG]

    New Dimension Racing invites you and your team to the first edition of the GT1 World Series. In the void the International Grand Touring Championship, IGTC, and Masters of Endurance, MoE, left New Dimension Racing decided to organise a GT1 (that's how we call the balanced GTR class) endurance championship. From November through April the best teams fight for this new Live for Speed championship.
    To balance the GTR class the FZ 50 GTR (FZR) will carry a 1% intake restriction and 15 kilograms of extra ballast. Just like IGTC, GT1WS utilizes Safety Cars. There are three championships: the overall title and also the pro- and am-class titles. While any driver can race in the pro teams, the am teams at maximum may feature one pro driver on their roster who is neither allowed to drive in the pre-qualifying nor the qualifying and who may not drive more then one third of the race.
    With the big variation of race distances true team endurance skills are required to succeed in this championship.

    Calendar of Events, All Dates listed are the date of the Race.
    1. 500 km of Blackwood GP Track - BL1 - 17 November 2012
      529.120 km, 160 laps - Course Length 2.055 mi / 3.307 km
      Clear Day
    2. 3h of Fern Bay Gold - FE3 - 15 December 2012
      3 hours - Course Length 2.183 mi / 3.514 km
      Overcast Dusk
    3. 1000 km of Westhill International - WE1 - 12 January 2013
      1036.000 km, 200 laps - Course Length 3.219 mi / 5.180 km
      Cloudy Sunset
    4. 24h of Kyoto Grand Prix Long w/Boothy Chicane - KY3B - 2-3 February 2013
      24 hours - Course Length 4.584 mi / 7.377 km
      Clear Day
    5. 6h of South City Long - SO4 - 2 March 2013
      6 hours - Course Length 2.504 mi / 4.029 km
      Clear Day
    6. 12h of Aston Historic - AS4 - 6 April 2013
      12 hours - Course Length 5.026 mi / 8.089 km
      Cloudy Afternoon

    Event Timetable

    18:00 UTC on Sunday PRIOR to Race Day: Pre-Qualifying BEGINS
    18:00 UTC on Tuesday PRIOR to Race Day: Pre-Qualifying ENDS
    19:00 UTC on Friday PRIOR to Race Day: Qualifying Group 1
    19:40 UTC on Friday PRIOR to Race Day: Qualifying Group 2
    3-Hour, 6-Hour, 500km, and 1000km Races
    17:50 UTC: Grid Stacking Begins
    18:00 UTC: Race Start
    24-Hour Race
    14:50 UTC: Grid Stacking Begins
    15:00 UTC: Race Start
    12-Hour Race
    11:50 UTC: Grid Stacking Begins
    12:00 UTC: Race Start

    Link to the complete rulebook
    Information how to apply to the GT1 World Series
    List of Pro and Am Drivers based on past championships
  4. The stream of GT1 World Series 2013

    Part 1:

    Part 2:
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  5. [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
    A new season is started for an institution of the german LFS-scene. The CityLiga is opening their gates for the 17th time. Every driver, beginner or veteran, is invited to participate on mondays every fortnight. We offer one of the biggest starting fields in LFS, three grids in the last seasons. This enables you to find opponents at exactly your skill-level for exciting races.
    Altough CityLiga's main focus is still the german LFS community, we opened for international drivers seasons before and became bilingual in german and english.

    Visit our website http://www.cityliga.de to create an account (if you don't have one) and to sign up for the new season directly at: http://cityliga.de/home/429.html . Moreover you can take a look at the archive on our website to get an impression of CityLiga by watching some vintage races in the stream's section or looking through the results of the past.

    Grid qualification from 01st February 2013 to 11th February 2013:
    GQ Combo A: GTRs (FXO GTR, FZ50 GTR & XR GTR) @ Aston National Rev. (As3r)
    GQ Combo B: FXO Turbo (FXO) @ Fern Bay Green Rev. (Fe2r)

    Season schedule (Link to the detailed schedule: http://cityliga.de/en/schedule.html)
    Round 1: GTRs (FXO GTR, FZ50 GTR & XR GTR) @ Aston National Rev. (As3r)
    Round 2: FXO Turbo (FXO) @ Fern Bay Green Rev. (Fe2r)
    Round 3: LX6 @ South City Chicane Route & Rev. (So6 & So6r)
    Round 4: Formula V8 (FO8) @ Kyoto Ring GP Long (Ky3)
    Round 5: NGTs (UF GTR & XF GTR) @ Aston GrandPrix Rev. (As5r)
    Round 6: RB4 GT (RB4) @ South City Sprint Track 1 (So2)
    Round 7: MRT5 (MRT) @ Fern Bay Island Rev. (F31r)
    Round 8: GTIs (XF GTI & XR GT) @ Aston Cadet Rev. (As1r)
    Round 9: Formula XR (FOX) @ South City Town Course (So5)
    Round 10: UF1000 (UF1) @ Westhill International (We1)

    Sign up for an interesting season!

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  7. Freehand carting :D
  8. Hello my dear friends at Racedepartment!
    I was wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of playing "Live for Speed". I recently found out about this free sim racing game and I wanted to check it out and see what it was like. Has anyone had to opportunity to try this game out per chance? I personally just downloaded the demo and will install it in a moment to see what this game is like.

  9. What's up with the F BMW in the demo not wanting to upshift....?
  10. Birddogg66


    Where do you get Free from? We all had to pay for a license to play. As for this title it's good and would have been a continued alternative to the bigger name titles but the development team has fallen behind with their efforts to keep it up to date. I for one would like to see them allow other developers a license to develop off their game engine. It may allow this team the money to continue their efforts with LFS title.
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  11. I believe it's just a demo, nothing more. I get like half the tutorials in the game, surprisingly entertaining.
  12. Ease the throttle a bit more or use the clutch :thumbsup: . Otherwise it often won't do anything.
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  13. Birddogg66


    Well we have been waiting for a long time for S3 phase to emerge and were not getting any news as to what's in the works. Is it a good game sure will it survive IDK I hope so. It's a decent title and decent simulation. :)