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Little to no FFB when driving over Curbs

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Sk3ptik0n, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. Yesterday I decided to delete my local install of pCARS and have Steam install it from scratch. Among the things I wanted to fix were the graphics (I was having real issues with stagger and artifacts that I had never experienced before) and the FFB. Especially the almost total lack of any feedback when driving over bumpy road or especially over curbs.

    The graphic issues took care of themselves. The game looks a lot better. But still I am unable to get any feeling when I drive over curbs or off the edge of the tarmac. I have a Thrustmaster T500.

    By comparison, even the oldest of my sims gives me good feedback and even acts upon the steering. in pCARS I can be driving over those Curbs that have the sawteeth at the outside edge and I might as well be on a newly paved road.

    I was reading somewhere that it can be fixed. Can it?
    I have tried increasing/decreasing a bunch of settings both at the WHeel and in game, to no avail.

    While I am at it, what does "Controller Input Mode" do in the controlled settings and why is it set at 3? Is it some sort of filter for handheld controllers?
  2. If I recall correctly, FFB over curbs is something both Ben and Nic wanted improved and AJ (the man behind the new tire model) said he would be looking in to getting more rattle and whatnot to come through when going over curbs.

    When it comes to tweaking it yourself, there was a very recent change to move what was previously in the FFB tweaker files into tweakable values in game, but I don't know if the UI has been fully set up for that, so right now tweaking isn't possible (give it a week and everything should be in, I'd guess).

    Controller input mode is indeed for gamepads.
  3. There are FFB tweaker files you can download from the forums that will change FFB feel completely and add curb rumble among other things. Afaik they will do some work on the FFB code first, then start tweaking the feel of each car.
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  4. iirc the original argument was that you don't feel the kerbs too much in RL through the wheel but rather through your back/bum. As the FFB is supposed to be only what is represented by the wheel this was left out or at least dialled down significantly. Previously you could go into the F1 menu and change the settings for the FFB manually which included canned effects for kerbs but this has now been removed.
  5. Thanks guys, I had a feeling it was something along these lines. So all I have to do is to buy a FFB chair for my rig? That would be great, but I think we should have the choice to transmit it to the wheel if we are missing the feedback. Especially since I race with a single monitor, I sort of count on it to make sure I hit my marks and it being missing is a bit annoying.

    I remember the FFB tweaker files, in fact, there used to be an app to DIY, but I don't have enough experience to do so.

    I guess I'll ask at the WMD forum. I usually don't ask there first because I don't want to get flamed for not having read every single post about everything.
  6. I'm new to PC gaming so this may be a dumb question but will you be able to adjust these tweaker files in the full game after release?

    That would be disappointing if it stays that way. I'd rather see it in the game as optional even if it comes with the caveat of being a "canned" effect. While it's truthful that it's more of a seat of your pants thing, that sort of seat of the pants feel is only available through tactile transducers and the like and not all of us have that.
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  7. SMS have said that there will be many adjustable parameters for the FFB. They are currently working to establish the default pre-sets for all of the various wheels - hence the use of tweaker's.