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Little known facts about yourself.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mohamedou Ari, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Mohamedou Ari

    Mohamedou Ari
    F1 Sim Racer & #1 St. Bernard Lover on RD Premium

    If you have any characteristics that are unknown to almost anyone around you, feel free to post them if you are comfortable doing so.

    Here are my personal facts unknown to most:

    -I try very hard to be the 'pretty boy' and not become a statistic of beautiful woman-ugly man couples

    -I look at myself in mirror frequently; half of the time, it's because I fear I'm not beautiful enough; the other half, I think, "Who is that hot guy with the nice face and long, solid black hair?"

    -I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism at 4 years of age, but have undergone therapy and it has produced exceptional results

    -I am insecure about online play and I practise alone just to make sure I am at par with the mid to top-tier of players around the world.
  2. Edit: well, those are not really things little known by many, so I'll correct myself.
    Some people I know irl don't seem to know/understand that I like to buy things they simply download and proudly tell me about, and some people seem to not know that I don't like big party-s where everything is about alcohol/music/dance.

    One thing however came to my mind since that nobody really knew about and is probably more interesting than that:)
    - I like to sing sometimes when I'm alone at home while listening to music:p
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Same here, when nobody is home I sing along to anything I have playing :D

    Also I am usually a quite confident person, but if I sense somebody in the room/group doesn't like me, I would be very hesistant in being my usuall talkative self - I am a pretty self-conscious person so things like this would effect me being myself.

    I am always far to quick to judge people, once I have an opinion on someone I usually stick to that opinion, it is a very wrong philosphy I have but sadly it's a habit I can't get out of.

    I am a Christian, go to church everyweek (sometimes twice a week) however I am always open to an open discussion about other people's beliefs and opinions

    I am very vain sadly, my hair and clothes have to be sitting right before I leave the house - won't win me much respect on a forum such as this :L
  4. Well...

    - I do like to sing when I'm alone at home listening to some music too :p

    - I quite enjoy good literature.

    - I'm very sensible towards some things (Don't try and make me cry with some stupid romance movies) regarding human nature and such...

    That's all I can think about at the moment I guess :)
  5. Hmmm lets see.

    - I'm confident, noble, good person (I think :D or that's what most of the people think), reflexive, creative, a bit lazy (maybe a lot LOL :tongue:), and etc etc :D

    - Love to listen music, if I can, I listen to it every single moment of my life :D Love electronic music, like trance, electro, etc... but I like every kind of music, Indie most.

    - I love those little moments of the life.

    - I don't drink alcohol or smoke, don't like it :)

    - I enjoy a journey at home, I'm not a guy who can't live without going out a day :)

    and more things, but can't think about them at the moment :D
  6. I have Brown's syndrome which means my eyes don't align properly. I had an operation when I was 5 to correct the alignment, however I developed an infection in the eyes which meant I couldn't open them for several days afterwards. Although my eyes now look normal, I can't move them upwards as far as most people and I cannot watch 3D films, pictures, etc as it is just a blur.
  7. Erik Tveit

    Erik Tveit
    I can haz cookie?

    Well, my turn....

    Same as Ross on this, -I am always far to quick to judge people, once I have an opinion on someone I usually stick to that opinion, it is a very wrong philosphy I have but sadly it's a habit I can't get out of.

    and this, -I am very vain sadly, my hair and clothes have to be sitting right before I leave the house, even the hair. :tongue:

    And from William,

    -I'm very sensible towards some things, and can easily make some tears, but I always hide them away with saying I'm tired.

    From Peter, - I like to sing sometimes when I'm alone at home while listening to music :)

    Also I'm very, in like very very nervous when talking with girls, I mean, you need to take every step perfect, turn your head perfect, move your arms perfect. And that's not easy...

    -I hate being on a scene in front of people that I know friends know, but while being either all known, or none known I'm not afraid at all.

    Also, -Puppetry, is a thing I hate so much. I mean, one day, yaaay, I love my live, next day, seriously, for a no-lifer I'm, no life, fml..

    So, that's the young Norwegian for you. :)
  8. Yeah, I absolutely hate to be the center of attention, I'm quite solitary to be honest...

    And I just can't stand listening to that nonsense that other teenagers often talk about... So superficial that's utterly despairing !
  9. Well here goes:

    I do music recordings in my personal time. i own music production software, and make full songs, but never actually show them to anyone. Something i do for fun. I want to learn to sing as well, as i make songs with lyrics in mind, but am not confident enough to sing my own bits lol.
  10. I've written my fair share of fan fiction - currently working on a Land Before Time sci-fi fic and have drawn fan concept art for other authors.

    I draw many things and design buggies and go-karts in my spare time, and want to build my own soapbox machine some day. I also paint, and am being entered in a Year 12 art exhibition at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

    I sometimes think I'm a little over-sensitive - it's resulted in quite a few misunderstandings between me and my real life friends... :tongue: And strangely, I feel more comfortable talking to girls in real life than I do talking to other guys...

    Finally, for those who don't already know... I race with one hand, having suffered nerve damage to my right arm at birth. There's a forum thread about this already (here) but here's a more recent video of me driving offline with an H-shifter:
  11. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Aight! my turn....

    1. I cannot stand adults that leave a mess at thier table. ( i work in a restaurant at a hotel and it blows my mind how messy adults can get. PATHETIC!)

    2. I love my gf so much that if things were to go sour, i'd probably jump off a bridge.

    3. Nine month living with my gf, i've become a Neat Freak. Because my gf works harder than i do, i take care of the cleaning,laundry and cooking.

    4. At the end of the night, my sim gear gets put away a certain way all the time.

    5. I dance to Armin van Buuren alot while i'm at work cooking.

    6. I used to be a very judgemental person until i finally realized that i'm not perfect myself.

    7. Six years ago i got into substance abuse , I woke up kicked myself in the head and got over it. I still drink beer once in a while but i've totally kicked away my drug habbit. I'm sure if i kept going, i would of ended up dead and i wouldn't have the girl i love and i would of never got into simracing and would of never met you all, which is important to me.

    And last, I'm gonna take a moment to say Thank You Race Department and all the fine members for accepting me here. RD is my home away from home. You guys and gals are awesome!
  12. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Hi Rhys wasn't it you that put up a good time on the Adelaide 2011 time trial that i posted up a few months back? all i can say is Nice Work ! and Holy $@!# you did that with one hand, amazing is what i say.:cool:
  13. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I just watched the video and HOLY CRAP! you're driving a F1 car,taking your hand off the wheel to shift and keeping it real Wow! My gf thinks you are amazing as well ( your driving that is, she's all mine) LOL! :D. She is into my simracing and often gets behind the wheel so she knows what it is like to simrace so she was blown away when i showed her your vid.
  14. Well, considering myself, I can tell you some things.

    1. I talk (and write stuff) faster than I think. It ends with misunderstandings, very hard to explain later.
    2. I am sometimes feared of big communities, because people around me and my friends (still very good friends) are different and sometimes its hard to go up with them, because they cant understand my thinking. Very good example is I dont like to drink much, but they do and they find me very strange I dont want to do week hard drinking party on Silvester :p
    3. I am very sad I dont have anyone to share with my racing enthusiasm. Its not popular for people around me, it says nothing to them
    4. I envy everyone who has money for racing. I tried it once as a gift but there is no more chances to repeat this experience, even though I found myself good at it. This feelings fills me with bad emotions, but I always say to myself that until I have good friends, food, good health and simracing, I could have live worser :)
    5. I am trying to be very kind person, helping as much as possible at home, etc.
    6. I didnt sleep well for a while, I live with my 21 years old brother in one room (I am younger to ensure you, I cant move out) and it is just terrible, he snores :(
    7. As much as I am not understood by others, I try to understand them
    8. I cant waste my money, I always think more than once when I want something to buy.
    9. And I am a clean boy, I hate mess in my room or dirt :D
    10. To end this list, I would like to be well educated. I like culture, literature (lol but I dont read much :D), good films and music. I think I was lucky on schools, I end secondary grammar one in 2 years and will continue on university. And hell, I am good in math :D
  15. You just reminded me...

    I'm also jealous of people who can race (Hopefully I'll be able to get into Karting) and I'm also quite alone in my passion for Motorsports... Apart from my father !
  16. Thats just like me, apart from my father, who takes me around rally events for the whole year :D
  17. Unfortunately here in Quebec there's barely anything... :(
  18. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    This is the route i almost took. At one point in time six years ago i was saying to myself " oh well, i've nearly lost everything so...........

    I'm so glad my life didn't go this way!. I'm glad i was still strong headed enough to make the decision to clean up. I would of lost so many good friends if i took this route. Just wasn't worth it!.
  19. I love to listening songs. I love to spend some time with friends..
    I am quite simple and try to make myself pretty and smart in front of others..