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Little grumble on pricing...

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by skidmark33, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. This looks like it will be a very good game but you can always tell when the corporate-management-types and bean counters have had too much say in development...

    To buy anything you need vRP (points). Where I live it costs US$6.47 to buy 500 points. The track I want costs 549 points.

    I can't just buy 549 points. To get the track I have to buy either 2 X 500 points for US$12.94 or I can buy 1100 points for US$12.95.

    But this means I have to pay about $13 for a track that is priced at $7.11 (it works out at roughly 1.3c per point).

    I realise I can then get a car or another track, but that's not the point. The point is I want to buy something that they have priced at $7.11 but they want to charge me $13 (and give me the equivalent of a store voucher for the remainder!).

    Imagine going into your supermarket and buying a litre of milk and being told "Our price for milk is $2.50, but we are charging you $10.00 and giving you a $7.50 store voucher which you can use to buy anything else you want."

    I'd walk out at that point.

    I suspect most people would.

    Look, I realise we get the base game for free and I realise they have every right to charge what they like and how they like for additional content. But the method chosen means that in the end everyone on their final purchase will always have to pay for points they can't use (unless they can cleverly spend every last point). That makes me feel like I'm being ripped off and that's the bit I don't like.

    Thanks for reading my rant.
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  2. It's not a rant. I love the game, but I agree with you too. At the end of the day, it's a pricing model they have adopted and unfortunately it won't matter if we like it or not.

    What I'll do is buy the 40 euro pack and then I'll use the credit from there. I like the game, so I am sure I'll be using them.
  3. I totally see your point. But personally I don't mind having some vrp ready if something interesting comes up. At the end of the day we're talking about couple of euros.
  4. Some of the prices vary tho. You can just as easily find something for 500 points, but i see where you are coming from. In the end, it sucks to have to buy content because to get a full experience, you will end up spending a lot more than you would with a simple 40-60 dollar game. I would rather spend 40 and get a game with a fair amount of cars and tracks and then buy additional content. Im a full content iracing owner tho, and the r3e prices pale in comparison to that. I can get 2 tracks and 2 cars for the price of one iracing track, which is a good thing.
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  5. This will be a sticking point for a while, Xbox went through it when they launched points but you soon get into the habit of having a balance IMO. I bought a new livery for a car yesterday 29 vRP (i think it was) ;)
  6. I purchased 5000 vRP, used half on the cars and tracks that I really want now and the rest is for new content. That should keep me occupied for quite some time.

    The days of the $40 complete Sim Racing package are long gone I'm afraid - at least, in terms of newly developed titles. The cost of everything else is going up, why wouldn't PC software go up too?
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  7. I agree completely :) I get more value from racing than any other hobby (videogame or otherwise) so it's a relatively small price to pay for the right product and like many, I have every faith in SimBin's racing products :)
  8. and so do I:
    If i see how much I've played Race compared to other games:
    it's very good bang for your buck!
    (That's what's so wonderful about Skyrim as well.)

    I'm already very happy Simbin will be releasing new stuff,
    If the physics in the game are good
    I gladly pay, even if it would cost twice as much...
  9. What? You don't know yet? They are awesome ;) Can't wait for multi-player to come out, then I'll throw my money :)
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  10. I agree that its annoying about the monetary system they have chosen to adopt but from what I have played of the game so far I can say my money has been well spent..
  11. It's too expensive also at the moment.
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  12. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I'm holding fire until mp is available but I agree. The cars at least are too expensive!
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  13. I too have been holding fire and think pricing is a little high for mass appeal, that said its growing on me and whilst I'm not going to go overboard at all I may well buy a small amount of content at this stage simply to show willing and to give SIMBIN at least something in exchange for the FREE game they have given me and the support they are already giving and will continue to give to RRRE . Come on Guys I get the holding off part but I'm sure theres something your going to really crave for and want in the game, so dig your hands in your pockets and shell out maybe just £5 on some content to show support - from past experience the guys at SIMBIN DO listen to their customers and I feel that bundle offers and such like are probably going to come in a matter of months onece the full release is up and running, but a show of support financially right now, however small, can only help speed up the process.
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  14. Dave speaketh the truth, I shall find something to purchase today. Probably Bathurst, and hoping there will be an oldies car pack soon.

    Car prices are okay, I guess. I never used 80% of Race content anyway, so 3-4 cars are plenty for me :D
    Tracks could be a bit cheaper, those you'd want to buy more.

    Any details on the multiplayer at all? Is it all on their end, or will there be standard dedicated servers? I wouldn't mind racing in events here, but could get tricky as many people will have different combinations of cars and tracks.
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  15. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    How much are you on Dave? lol
  16. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Exactly my concern with what content people will have. Will make multiplayer hard to organise and I definitely don't want to be stuck in public lobby mayhem!
  17. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I bought every car ( no skins) and track and it's cheaper and more fun than some other new games.
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  18. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Out of interest, how much did it cost you to get them "all"?
  19. Peter

    who cares Premium

    5000 vRP that's €39,99 and I still have 59 vRP for an icecream.
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  20. Only get £6 a week spending money off mi Mum so I'm very poor! Lol!