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Lipton "Bowing Out"

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Lipton, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. It's been a wonderful few years. Ever since I drove the first virtual Dacia 4-5 years ago I knew Racer was a great thing. And it was. It made me want to learn stuff about stuff (cars in particular) and it made me want to do more and more interesting projects. I`ve noticed a lack of interest from many of the older members of the community and I am following in their footsteps.

    I hope you`ve enjoyed some of the car's i've made over the years. I still drive some of them once in a while, and some of Bumper's and Miura's...

    Anyway, if anybody is interested I'm willing to upload any of my unfinished cars for them to tinker with.

    Take care folks.
  2. *respect* - take care and have a great life! So long, and thanks for all the fish ;)
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    It's a shame to hear you're "bowing out" too, I've certainly enjoyed your content over the years. I'd really appreciate it if you were to share your unfinished cars, it'd give me more to learn from.

    Farewell :)
  4. Well shame to hear you leaving Lipton. maybe some day you will return again. If not, hopefully your life beyond Racer will be great, and that what you've learned from Racer will someday aid you.

    As for me I'm staying around, I am lacking in activity at the moment (work has kept me busy, as has other things in my personal life). I'd like to get a new wheel soon as well. have yet to try the new Racer even. but I promise I will when I get a good chance.
  5. Very sad to see you go lip repus motors will be missed gonana pass on the "company" to a new ceo so we can enjoy more repus badged cars in the future lol
  6. Sad to see you leaving, just don't stay away! Drop in once in a while, Ruud may have fixed all the bugs, LOL.
  7. Wow, sad to see you go as well but thank you for all the fantastic Repus models and good luck!
  8. You'll never leave :D
  9. Sad to hear that, my friend. Another person is leaving, that hurts us a bit.
    Anyway, it´s been nice time beta-testing your cars. Some of their ideas and specifications were born in my head, IIRC :)

    So, Andrei, life a long live, love your dear girl and enjoy your life, because it´s short.
    But you also should visit us at least sometimes :) You can find me on Facebook, I´m there for you ;)
  10. Sad to read this, many great cars (and many originally created by you) in this years! See you Lipton!
  11. A real shock for me to read this. It is very sad to see you leaving. Will Repus be dropped as well or are you just going to stop your work with Racer?
    Hope to see you around sometime again, but for now have a nice life outside of Racer...
    Anyway, thanks for all the great cars you released over the past years and for all the effort you spent for developing your own ideas and concepts.