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Linkoping National

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Warren Dawes, May 25, 2008.

  1. Lets get some pre race interest going for Linkoping.

    Did a few laps in the Abarth but can't really get used to driving it yet. Fun car though. :jumping:

    Best so far: 1.10.8
  2. 1.07.8 (Lotus Cortina):)
  3. 1:08.4 with the alfa after 15 laps. need to practice. think its possible to do 1:06 or maybe even high 1:05
  4. New PB 1.07.6:)

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  5. oh no, the überpowerful Abarth can't keep up anymore :p My pb is a 1.08.8, can hopefully go some tenths faster :)
  6. Ok! I tried "stepping up" to the Mini :D, and did a 1.08.1 on the server in practice mode.

    EDIT: During a great practice on-line with Chris Vick, I managed a new PB of 1.07.876

    Might have converted Chris to the Mini too.
  7. This is for Chris Vick as promised. Hot lap in the Mini, not my best one but pretty good for me.
    It might help you a bit Chris, but after our on-line practice, I'm not sure you need it. :)

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  8. nice clean lap warren i managed to do 1'07'4 pb here is the replay

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  9. Too good for me. :alla:

    You and Kristofer shouild have an interesting battle, very close. :thumb:
    Careful though, it's his home track.
  10. i hope this time the enging won't blow up:)
  11. Hang on! You inspired me for another go, just to keep the Mini tradition alive.

    New PB of 1.07.280 :D

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  12. Oh my god, you must have missed the chicane on the long straight:thumb::alla::D
  13. nice 1 warren maybe i"ll switch to the mini??