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Linking to mods vs uploading files

Discussion in 'Site Feedback & Support' started by mr_belowski, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. I don't want to upload my work here because I host it somewhere else and don't want old versions of my stuff kicking around on here.

    So I make a post telling people here that me and a very clever chap have made a 'thing' and telling people where to get it. What exactly have I done wrong here and why does this incur the wrath of the moderators? I'm not selling stuff, just telling people about something that I don't want uploaded here for purely practical reasons.

    This is the second time it's happened on RD. The first time resulted in someone else uploading an old version of my app (without permission) which then took 3 *months* of my nagging before it was finally taken down.

    It's quite disappointing to be honest
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  2. I came back to check on feedback of the new spotter and instead found that the thread had been modded into oblivion.

    RD used to be friendly, but now even links to official forums are edited out? Not sure what's going on here, but the work we're presenting here is inherently different than just a livery or track that won't change much, if at all, once uploaded.

    Anyway, those who recognize what a big deal this is can find our work in other ways, I suppose.

    @ RD moderators: I get it, things are different now, it's your way or the highway and the rules are the rules, I guess. You could be a little nicer about this, especially considering how few high-caliber programmers there actually are in the community when compared the vast majority of end users who are only consumers.

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  3. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Whats the big deal of uploading a few kb file in the correct section? Hundreds of users can do it everyday and all of them do it without issues. If you deliberately bypass site rules, a thread gets locked by a moderator that's pretty normal.

    In the past we have had so many goodwilling modders linking their work and years later most of these links are dead and gone, hence we require stuff to be uploaded.
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  4. @Bram I want to be clear that I mean no disrepect here, but have you even looked at this project or tried it out? It's hardly "a few kb" and it's not static, so keeping a stale version locked up in your site simply doesn't make any sense.

    I understand the concern about files disappearing (and certainly would have appreciated this dialogue happening *before* our threads were modded and locked...) but the nature of the utility is such that if the server goes away, the file uploaded here will not work anyway since the sound packs need to be pulled from the network.

    If you truly wish to debate the merits of different program architectures and software distribution models, I suppose we can do that, I have to know that you're willing to deal in good faith to understand why it is the way that it is.

    All of our work is open-source, freely hosted on GitHub. (I would link that here but I suppose I'll merely be banned or something for linking to my own code outside of this forum's modding section...) If GitHub goes away permanently, the world has *a lot* of important things to worry about, the least of which will be our missing sim racing application. The whole point of open-sourcing this project is precisely to *avoid* the issues that we currently have with the old closed-source rFactor 1 Spotter and the rFactor 2 Spotter. If I get run over by a truck tonight, *anyone* can freely continue my work.

    If you don't see the value in a unified, open-source, fully-functional spotter/race engineer for rF1, pCARS, and R3E, then so be it. I suppose nothing that I say here will change your mind. Just bear in mind that this is a *huge* deal for the Automobilista community as I've already had it out with Reiza and they're unwilling to provide any spotter/race engineer functionality despite many people wanting it. I would have expected RD to be most understanding of this project's significance given the RD community's investment in SCE and AMS.

    Anyway, the key here is communication and when threads get cut to bits, locked, and moved without *ANY* communication and merely a terse "upload here or die" kind of note, it's *incredibly* off-putting.

    If showing off a sim racing related project here on the forums means that I *must* also host my files here, then that's just silly.
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  5. Eloquently put, thanks gongo. RD is actively blocking something that would be a benefit to it's members. I see no logic in this and feel that the reasons explained by Bram above are insufficient in this and possibly other cases.

    I will not change the architecture or distribution model of my (free and open source) work just to satisfy the petty rules here. It's a shame for your members
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2016
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