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limits to number of merged tracks?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dianasaurus, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. Just curious if there are any limits for BTB. I can't export some tracks I built and it seemed to be the number of roads I had merged as it exported when I deleted back down step by step to a simple loop + one open-ended merge track.

    I want ideally one closed track with several intersecting open ended tracks. How many? Up to 10 road segments, maybe 11...it was about a 16 mile circuit with cross roads. I also don't know how to train the AIW for this goal! But that is next if this actually is possible. I had what I thought were multiple issues with these complicated tracks.

    We are using BTB and rFactor for a driving simulator and for research :) ! Fun ~job huh? :smile:
  2. Create your main 'loop' Then in the ai editor, manually 'pull' out the ai line around the rest of the roads. Can take a while but works well.. You have to do both ai Lines..... With intersections place the nodes back from each path with one in the middle........ That way the ai should keep going straight and not turn...
    May take some tweaking, but works well for me.

    Merging tracks creates a double ai loop which it doesn't like, If I read you right.....

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  3. thank you. I didn't know you could edit the ai in this way so maybe you've pointed me to a solid clue ;-) and a big help potentially in finding a way to get where we want to go!

    that might be related to it...in your diagram it looks like BOTH the roads actually continue through the intersection?
    My merged tracks actually stopped and then I used another open-ended track to start a new segment merged to the other side...so your image, I used 3 tracks.

    The problem I met was that above a certain number of tracks, I could not export the final track. I un-did and took it back down and I could export again. I'd like to have many, many segments of track and I don't know why I got BTB all upset.

    2 open-end track pieces, + one loop. After that I hit the export problem.

    I volunteer "User Error" but what might I have done? Many things got weird, terrain for instance, took forever, and I was able to repeat another odd terrain issue with my tracks that disappears when I limit how many tracks I merge.
  4. curious: I tried making a closed loop inside of another closed loop. I was wondering if we could simulate a freeway with cars going in opposite directions. However, I tried to flip the directions and I could only control one of the loops at a time? I didn't see the ai on the second loop, when I switched active track I could not edit this on the second loop...is this part of the AI that should be trained from within rFactor? It would be cool if this was possible...just not sure if it is or if I should try harder/longer :)
  5. Hey, If you use multiple tracks, append the first, and then 'drag out the ai line around the rest of the circuit. Yes, my diagram was based on a track i did for EWOR, it had a loop that crossed back over the main path.. The diagram was more to illustrate the positioning of the nodes for the ai line.....
    The centre dot being on the east west ai line. they are only points so the ai going Nth STH will still use the centre dot and drive through, without picking up the side dots... (hopefully) may take some tweaking with distances....

    Lkwfan at Nogrip did some amazing research into 'traffic' and he succeeded brilliantly! I'm not sure how he did it but he has a full tutorial in the D/load section included in the track 'from memory...' Note: he did use the RF ai editor in game...When using BTB you have to basically delete the ai line to edit successfully in the RF editor... or you will get errors when saving path... I have yet to successfully do it... though there is some info here on that..
    I'm a bit dumb with the ai still.. lol! Though with what Brendon has put together now, the ai editing is Brilliant I think....
  6. wow, thank you!
    ...going to check that out :)