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Limit to number of Tracks in game?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Barney68, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Coming across a problem I have only recently noticed regarding tracks not appearing in game.

    I am using the rFactor UI and when adding new tracks I have noticed they are not always appearing in game. For example I cannot seem to get the newer V8 tracks from Patrick to appear. Trying to track this down, I think I have discovered a limit to the number of tracks in game?

    In an experiment, if I rename the 'venuename' in Patricks Pukekohe from "V8 Supercars" to "Aussie V8 Supercars" (in the .gdb) it then appears but Suzuka (last one in my list) disappears???!

    I have never come across this before (since v1.15), or at least where I have noticed :)

    Hope that makes sense?

    Does anyone know...a) does SCE (now) have a track limit or b) does the modded UI have a limit?

    Any insight would be appreciated as it is now driving me mad.
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  2. I use the mod UI (it's the rFactor UI, isn't it?) and I've never noticed there being any limit.
    Are you using the modded/rFactor UI?
  3. Yes using the UI from rFactor. I am using a slightly modded one now (that I think Anqelq submitted) that allows you to change the wheel rotation in game.

    I will reinstall the original rFactor UI and see if that resolves...unless anyone else can shed some light or confirm there is a limit?

    EDIT: The different rFactor UI mods do not make any difference.
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  4. William Wester

    William Wester

    I only use the standard SCE UI, others have caused me problems in some way or another (using UltraWide rez maybe) but I haven't noticed a limit to the number of tracks. With that said, this means nothing if I have 60 add-on tracks and the limit is 60, may not have hit a limit as you may have. How many tracks are in your folder?
    SCE seems to handle quite a bit (Croft and Snetterton under BTCC) - at least 56 w/variations of each.
  5. William - I have 68 folders in my locations and some of those contain multiple track packs so approx. 90-100 tracks.

    I have now created a new install with the UI mod and moved my tracks to this new install. Now all tracks appear except Velopark (official track). It did initially appear but disappeared when expanding the track entry +/-.

    GSC 2015-09-13 17-20-37-63.jpg GSC 2015-09-13 17-20-28-87.jpg

    To be honest, I am now perplexed. Wish to persevere with UI mod so will keep playing :(
  6. Okay...
    adding other tracks to list - they appear as usual but Velopark still refuses to show.
    Rename Venuename on Velopark1 to Stock V8 Velopark - Velopark appears and V8 Supercar tracks remain
    Then also rename Venuename on Velopark2 to Stock V8 Velopark and V8 Supercars disappear!
    If I undo the rename on both then Velopark disappears and V8 Supercars reappear.

    I think there is a bug in the UI mod as adding any track to appear alphabetically before V8 is fine. any track afterwards causes problems with the "V" Tracks coming and going!!!!!?????
    i.e. added Zolder and it appeared before the V8 tracks and some of the V8 tracks disappeared and Velopark2 reappeared. BIZARRE!
  7. William Wester

    William Wester

    Yeah, I'm very selective on the tracks I add. There are many more, and some I tried but deleted, but I don't find the quality very good (not updated to the latest SCE standards). I guess I may hit a limit some day but so far I'm good.
  8. If you click in the little blank space below the last track on the list, the missing track magically appears.
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  9. Well bugger me, yes it does :thumbsup: That bugged me all-day yesterday...how did you work that out? I have always pressed the + icon to expand...never thought to click in blank space!

    So there is a bug in there somewhere then...Zolder still appears non-alphabetically and my second V8 track disappears to the "little blank space".


    Hopefully will help others if they get the same problem.

    Will have to find a better way to use my tracks...at least I can "select" them now. :)
  10. I just stumbled onto that awhile back and chalked it up to a quirky side-effect of using a modded UI.

    I seem to remember my own Zolder acting up like that, but I've rearranged everything and now they are all listed how I want.
    I've edited all of my .gdb files with the venue as "-Mod Tracks" to keep them separate from the original Reiza tracks. (Because that's how I want to do it.) Now they are all tucked away up there together at the top of the list.
    I couldn't use these online without some hassle, but that's irrelevant to me personally since I'm an offline kind of person.

    Another question is why does Pukekohe show up at the bottom of your list and also up there above Ribeirao?

  11. Pukekohe is in there twice deliberately...the one that has gone to the blank space is Patricks V8 historic.
    The second one is one I am about to test and went in as Pukekohe 2013...sure it is on here and one of Patricks also. Noticed it is causing a SkyBOXI error!!!!

    Anyway, thanks for helping out...I doubt I would have found that quirk without your input :)

    Will try to overcome now with some clever .gdb editing!
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  12. I do this as well. My mod tracks (besides the BTCC and V8 Supercar tracks) are under -Mod Tracks. My issue with this Ui is the new Stock content isnt showing up. So i have no Kansai, Superkarts or V8 supercars.