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LimeRockPark v1.41 update...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by tjc, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. tjc


  2. its not an update but a renumbering of components to bring them all into line, poor communication (no really?!?!) yet again :rolleyes:
  3. tjc


    Yip... I just realised this myself...

    Sorry guys.
  4. I meant poor communication from ISI not you just incase you were wondering ;)
  5. Christopher Vrettos

    Christopher Vrettos
    Premium Member

  6. could be an update to the track or just being released seperatley...I dunno, like i said its not exactly clear from ISI:

    Tim Wheatley@timwheatley1979 2h
    As it's being asked, all cmp trk content is being brought up to version 1.4x, that way you know you have the latest of everything. Easy.
  7. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    I updated the topic title a bit, so I can see what its about :).

    Think this is just another seperate component release. Nothing special.
  8. tjc


    Yeh I realised that Pulley...

    No worries. ;)
  9. tjc


    Yeh I think it`s just a renumbering thing, bringing everything up to v1.41...
  10. Christopher Vrettos

    Christopher Vrettos
    Premium Member

  11. it is pointless! ISI failing to understand the simplest of tasks yet again, but its OK as they soften the blow with an RC Mod (which is cool!) in the hope we'd talk about that and not their patheticness regarding recent mod releases!
  12. Knut Omdal Tveito

    Knut Omdal Tveito
    Premium Member

    Was it some kind of April fools? 1/4 1.4 etc.. I don't really get this:O_o:
  13. Tim Wheatley: "The reason why I didn't come here (ISI Forums) and announce it, which appears to have irked some, is because of the type of release it was. I'm not going to create a big fanfare for a versioning release."

    so instead of telling everyone at the ISI Forums where there are 1,100 active members and 12,000 total members he decides to announce...16 hours earlier...on Facebook (17,000+ followers) and his Twitter account (add another 760 odd). To me thats announcing to a much larger group than the Forums therefore creating the fanfare of an utter shambles of a component release (again).

    I really dont understand ISIs thought process...someone enlighten me please!
  14. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    The idea is not so bad... The way the do this is.

    The general idea, is to have 2 options (same as rf1 had). You have the light installer (what we have been using so far) to get just the basic files. You have the taster package, which I suspect will change into the demo, but could be kept as it is, and the demo is added also.

    Then, you get the cars and tracks. You can select single downloads, just what you want.
    So, as an example.

    Lets say I do not like GT's, but I do want to join a server running Palm Beach, and the Meganes. I am forced now to download the GTs (which I do not drive), to get palm beach.

    When all components are available, you can just download Palmbeach, and join the online game.

    Now the catch here is to have ALL content as loose components. And this is where the problem starts. They should have kept all these single releases to themselve, and release all of it with the next update.

    Then there is a benefit. Now it just becomes even more messy, people get annoyed, stop playing, and we as communities suffer from it as the grids start shrinking again. People cant join because of different versions, a lot of extra work for admins and online players, and so the multiplayer still does not grow.

    Anyway, I hope I explained the general idea about it a bit. Its just a matter of patience further....