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Released Lime Creek Winter (mod)

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by luthobu, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Lime Creek Winter (MOD)

    Released: 26 July 2012
    RevisionDate: 26 July 2012
    Version: 1.2
    Date Started: 16 June 2010
    Author: Luthobu

    About the MOD:
    Created by Luthobu with permission from Mr. Brent Burton.
    House models are from TurboSquid
    Car models used with permission (from stereo @RaceDepartment.com)
    Winter people textures are from http://www.archiforge.com/
    Caravans made by tahustvedt
    Other textures and models are by Luthobu

    Thanks to:
    Mr. Brent Burton for permission to create this mod
    Stereo for the car models
    tahustvedt for the caravans
    Turbosquid for the houses
    Archiforge for the winter people textures
    JustinMartin for 1st hand info on Lime Creek & beta testing


    Download URL:
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  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX Luke!
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  3. Found a bug, some trees had been misplaced. Archive is updated
    and a single file update can be downloaded here: trees_bulk.7z
    Just extract it and replace the existing file.
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    WoW...verry nice work!
    But i think i mountet the wrong tyres...:whistling:

    ...needs to be replaced...:D
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  5. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Great Luke, can't wait to test it on my days off. :)
  6. Another bug, and a rather annoying one! Road noise was way too
    high and made fast driving almost impossible. Open special.ini
    and edit line 41:

    change road_noise=0.25 to road_noise=0.025

    The archive has been updated.

    Still TODO:
    * Add more trees to the empty areas (looks unrealistic without)
    * Add roadsigns (some of the curves are hard to see beforehand)
    * Optimize road grip for winter track. Not yet 100% the way I want it.
    * Add more railings. Maybe another type even.
  7. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hai Luke,
    it's winter...fast driving is not possible in reality so why in Racer?
    For me it feels ok, a max speed of ~100 km/h with a "normal" roadcar sounds real to me...
    If here in germany's winter time, we can't drive every where with ~100...the most time you can hit the 80...with winter tyres...
    Ok, if you at a highway (Autobahn) where the road is clean, no ice or snow with a lot of salt, then you can go over 100 km/h, but i think only there...
  8. Sounds reasonable, but the road noise was so bad on my setup that
    I got thrown off the road time and time again.. that is annoying. It is
    still slippery, and it is easy enough for anyone to adjust the settings
    to satisfy their own needs. Just thought it would be ok with a default
    that is not totally b@d@33 ;)
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  9. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Ok, i try it...
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  10. Luje,
    Great job on the snow textures and I agree that the road noise is waaay off what a winter road should have and notice that the snow in the center has a few problems also.

    The center snow has some bumps that are 1 meter high from the settings you used. Snow in the center of a road as you have it has very few bumps, and those should be no more than 5 to 10 cm high. The viscosity is what changes as one drives thru that snow. This is from about 60 years of driving those kinds of roads.

    Unfortunately we can't make variable viscosity unles you use a differnt texture name and use the surfaces in special.ini to set them up.

    There should be a few animals running about also.
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  11. @boomer541: Thank you so much for taking the time to test and
    validate the settings! How did you calculate the height of the road
    bumps and the viscosity? I just used a trial and error method while
    driving. Your approach is more correct. I need to learn how to do that.
    If you have the time to alter the special.ini, please do and share!
    Maybe an idea to turn off road_noise and viscosity and just alter
    the road_grip? Should suffice for that kind of road?

    I can add animals, but have not yet learned how to make animated
    objects so they will be static. I'll also add a snowman, forgot to do
    that before the release.
  12. Thanks for the track Luthobu. One thing I noticed is the skidmarks should be turned off, looks a tad unrealistic.
    Also, maybe have some of the trees, or maybe just some trunks of trees that can be collided with.
    I had a lot of fun driving Gravedigger up hill & down dale, it's good to have a bit of freerange countryside to explore. It's a little sparse of foliage in the wilderness though, needs some more trees scattered around too.
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  13. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Had a drive last night, I really enjoyed it but I found it hard to slide. Surface feels too grippy imo. Looks brilliant though.
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  14. Thanks for all the constructive comments! I agree with all of you,
    and will do what I can to improve the track. While playing with
    Racer settings today I discovered that altered settings give a
    great variety of results, meaning the track will look very different
    depending on the settings.

    Take a look at the screenshot below with all Racer CG optimizations at full:

    Compare it to the development version of the same track with minimal CG:

    As you see, the results are very different, even though the track is the same!

    In the latter I turned off bloom, fbo, blurring, just about everything that eats GPU power.
    But Racer requires these settings to be on the get the best results, meaning that tracks
    not made for a "full-blown" Racer will always be "fawlty".

    I have to dig out a better GPU at work, I know we have one available, and try to optimize
    ALL my tracks for a full CG Racer version. Bad for those who cannot run Racer at full
    power, but unless I do it makes no sense at all to make tracks as they will never look
    quite right.
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  15. Open special.ini and set surfaces -> surf_road -> grip_factor to 0.6 ;)
    That is the default for snow.
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  16. Doh. Minimal CG = NO-CG... the second image (development version) is the
    same as the no-cg version.. This is really confusing :p
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  17. Luke,
    Special.ini surfaces settings info. You can use the console command for graphs to view the results. The graphs commands can be found on racer nl.

    ; The surfaces sections are used with "road_noise=0.0" in racer.ini if I remember correctly;
    ; Surfaces - surf_xxxx - whatever you want to call it
    ; type=road - determines sound generated in racer.ini
    ; pattern=road* - image matched to generate sound
    ; grip_factor=0.2 makes track like ice
    ; rolling_resistance_factor= resistance of surface to the tire rolling on it.
    ; viscosity= - forceViscosity=-load*viscosity*wheelVelocity
    ; road_noise=0.5 - causes car to bump violently if too high, measured in meters
    ; road_noise_frequency=0.25 32 - perlin noise frequency sets distance between peaks
    ; with two to four values the second and subsequent are imposed on the first with
    ; the road_noise_amplitude values used in sequence
    ; road_noise_amplitude=1.0 0.1 - perlin noise amplitude height of bumps
    ; road_noise scales amplitude - road_noise * road_noise_amplitude = bump in meters
    ; road_noise_threshold <v1> <v2> ... if <v1> and <v2> is greater than the road_noise
    ; value the surface has no noise and is flat. If the threshold value is less than or
    ; equal to the road_noise value then the surface has that noise added to it.
    ; steer_noise=0.1 - for force feedback set as needed if you use it
    ; dust_color=1 1 1 - 0.0 to 1.0 red-green-blue for beta7.9 on
    ; skid_sound=0 for no skid sound on the surface, default is = 1
    ; no skid sound = no skid marks

    This can be used with the same texture, differnt name to create pot holes etc

    This is from my surfaces and sounds track.
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  18. Thanks @boomer541! I'll adjust the track accordingly :)
  19. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    OMG....Bob....you...here? :D
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  20. Hahahaha!!! That is so funny! And it must be Bob, he is checking the QLOG!
    Bob, please, let me add the QLOG text to the track, as a tribute to you :D


    Edit: Sorry for "stealing" your joke Alexander, but it was too funny not to do it.. :)
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