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Lime Creek (Nature Park(?))

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by luthobu, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. Hurrah! I got permission from Brent Burton to alter and release Lime Creek!

    From his mail:
    "I give you full permission to modify and redistribute Lime Creek South Loop.
    To make it a clear version, please name your bundle along the lines of "Lime
    Creek XXX", where XXX is the name you choose."

    Random screenshots will be uploaded here
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I couldn't believe that was Lime Creek when I saw it! Nice to see you're still working and updating these tracks :)
  3. Lime Creek South Loop my favorite track :)
  4. @ks95: still here. not as active as before in the forum, but I am working on several tracks, it's hard to stop once you get it in the blood.. heh.. upcoming releases include an updated Badlands (looks bad in 089), Myogi (new textures and shaders with permission), Lime Creek Nature Park, Gizmo's "Something", and an update to the Cuda.. also I am doing some not-for-release-stuff (sorry everyone, that's how it is sometimes when lack of permissions prevent releases) and fine-tuning racer.ini's.. among the usual "life stuff"..

    @mpsco: thats cool, then you will realy like the new textures, shaders and additional models.. for sure. I am turning it into a nature park, with more trees, flowers, pools and ponds.. sounds and chirps and whatever you might find in such a place. It won't be a big track as the others, but more an enhanced, more "crowded" version.. most the current shaders are now working as I want them to, so it's soon time to start modeling again.. heh.
  5. This thread deserves a

    By the way, will this be available in non-cg?
  6. @WiNdE: heh.. thanks. too much, but still fun :) Have not done any work on the track since my last post.
    Still planning and experimenting with stuff. Non-cg has become a rather important issue, as I am redoing
    most my tracks to cg (SM2). Problem is that with the recent changes to Racer, no-cg is a bit crippled and
    it is not just about shaders anymore either. The skydome is changed, meaning that all no-cg tracks will
    have to have the old skydome stuff. That will require a script that changes geometry.ini, track.shd and
    adds the old sky.dof and textures. I'll cook something up and make a default.. I guess..
  7. One stupid question ! Is it possible to convert the other creek track from rfactor ? Eastern creek witch along with oran park are laser scanned ?
  8. @justasimfan: If it is possible? Sure.. other rFactor tracks have been converted to Racer. Google it and you might even find a tutorial.
  9. [​IMG]

    Coming soon.. ;)
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  10. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Just make sure the surface is nice and slippy ;)
  11. But Lime Creek is in texas where there aren't many evergreen trees!

    Looks interesting thou.
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  12. Thanks boomer! That is an interesting observation. I'll look it up and
    see what trees are required and fix it..

    EDIT: The original textures are called juniper, oak and shrub..
    pretty much confirms your point boomer ;) I'll fix.
  13. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    boah...great Luke!
    I hope you does not use this kerb rumbeling from the summer version...all time i get on it my wheel shakes my desk....:D
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  14. I live in Austin, about five miles from Lime Creek Road, and drive it as often as I can. :D I would say about half the trees in the area are Junipers (locally referred to as Cedars), which are evergreen. That's true for most of central and east Texas. This is what Lime Creek Road looks like in winter:

    We get very light snow (a cm or two) about once every two to three years, and "heavy" snow (usually no more than five cm) about once or twice per decade, so the snow scenery represents a very unusual occurrence. Of course, the scenery in the Racer version of LCR isn't very accurate anyway (nowhere near enough trees and houses), and half the track doesn't exist in real life (the real road isn't a loop), so the snow and tree type inaccuracies aren't any big deal to me...
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  15. @JustinMartin: Thanks for the comments and the vid!
    Looks quite different from my track for sure. I'll see what
    I can do, and maybe make one with less snow, say 5cm ;)
  16. Thanks to @JustinMartin I decided to keep the winter theme, it looks and feels good.
    Still, I need a beta-tester, but it must be someone with a powerful GPU so they can
    test shadows and reflections. If you only have a mid-range then please don't ask.
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  17. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Damn :p
  18. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    yep...me too...
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  19. That's me out too :p
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  20. Don't worry about it. It is almost ready. Just adding eye-candy.