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WIP Limbo

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Jonathan Johansson, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Let me show you my latest project: "Limbo"

    Location: Southern Sweden
    Lenght: 9.5km
    Surface: Gravel
    Characteristics: Fast bends at the start, becomes more twisty towards the end, challenging elevation changes and typical swedish landscape...

    Hopefully i will be able to capture the swedish feeling as good as possible and give you a real taste of sweden :)

    The road itself is real and has some real height data and some fictional elevations, the stage is based on a real life rally stage but will not be 100% accurate...

    Later i will hopefully post some ingame pictures and maybe a video :)

  2. ...verry nice, and good lucky in yours projekt.
  3. First Ingame Pics...

    Im teasing you with some nice (but small) ingame pictures! I'd say the stage is about 50% completed...

    well enjoy then

  4. This is very good stage. :):)
  5. Damn, looks reeeaally nice! :cool: Looking forward to driving this!
  6. Wow this is sooo beautiful, cant wait to smash tires in this gravel! Keep working
  7. Went out on the stage for some testing today and came back with 2 nice pictures for you to enjoy :cool:



    Got alot of work done today and i probably went to around 60% on the progress tab :wink:
  8. Hello, Any people want to be betatesters?

    Also do any of you want alternative layouts such as Limbo chicane, Limbo Wet, Limbo snow etc?

    Bring me some nice ideas please.

    Well im off to work on the stage, bye
  9. Hi, I already test your first stage a while ago... it was really good stuff (Karla F).
    I can test your new stage and give you feedback. ;-)
  10. Looks awesome, even better than cookies! :D
  11. Haha, Thank you mate :)
  12. when when when :D... awesome work.. i am so exiting with this
  13. @ Hompe, I would like to test your beta-track too :)
  14. I think a beta version is getting near... Still got alot of stuff to add to the stage but now i have atleast put vegetation all the way to finish :)

  15. Nice engine you have in your car ;) I like that specular effect on the road, overall thing looks very nice! Thanks :)
  16. This is very very goog stage:)
    When will be a beta version download?
  17. Hopefully a beta will be avaliable in the next couple of weeks...
  18. Thx. :)
  19. Hi Jonathan, I've tested your track, thanks! :) Let me share with my observations:
    - very nice track, indeed! I like the scenery, landscape, the church is beatiful! :) Nice textures of the road and for stone walls and others!

    minuses/possible improvements:
    - some errors while loading
    - Framerate - approx 45, drops to 35 in forests. My machine is 2.0 Ghz Dual Core, 4 GB RAM, NVidia 8600 GT 512 Mb
    - I think you could improve the performance by setting these big parts of terrain as non-driveable and not collidable. I don't think that rally drivers want to drive 200 meters into the fields ;) Instead of that you could maybe build low poly invisible walls in some distance from the road. Also, you could then split small terrain polygons into bigger ones and have maybe big reduction there.
    - instead of making almost all trees collidable, you could use individual collide columns for some of them. Then computer will not have to count very distant collisions for all polygons. I've made an xpack with column like that:
    - the green fields have some strange lines above them - it's just the matter of setting some different Y-offset for their textures.
    - maybe you can also add some more x-randomness at the egdes of the road and some y-randomness for the road's surface. I will never believe that Swedish gravels are so even and flat :)

    Here are some screenshots:

    Thanks again and have fun! :) martinez

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  20. Thanks alot, im glad you like my track

    Im not sure how to figure out what thoes errors mean so if you know how i would be very grateful :)

    I was worried that the performance might be a bit hard on some computers, in fact i didnt even bother thinking about that much until recently, i will make sure to put some high performance collision solutions into my track! and its true what you said about it being very large and yes i will improve that too, thank you for helping!

    Thank you for tipping me off about the randomness feature, i didnt even know it existed, ive been making all my 3d bumps myself... I also think the stage might need some more bumps etc especially in the edges of terrain :)

    Thanks again