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Lighting is backwards on my wall?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Emery, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. So I created a guardrail using BTB's wall feature, made the texture double-sided, and now the lighting is backwards. By backwards, I mean when the sun is on the trackside of the surface, it renders shadowed. Conversely, when it should be the shady side, it renders as if a light is shining on it. The lighting effect sort of reminds me of all those physic & engineering problems where you have to apply the "righthand rule" to get the torque right and I've inadvertantly used my left hand.

    Any easy ways to flip it back around?

    I suspect part of the problem is that I made the wall a single face with a double-sided texture rather than having two sides separated by a small distance and using a single-sided texture.
  2. Okay, I've confirmed that the image is basically applied to the wrong side of the wall by changing it back to a single-sided texture. As a single-sided texture, the guardrail is not visible from the track, yet appears when you move over to the "back" side. Guess I'll just recreate it properly this time, with some thickness to it. Don't see any other way to rapidly undo this type of boo-boo and recreating the wall doesn't take long.
  3. i've got single poly, double sided wire fencing around lots of my track and once i realised i had the same problem i grabbed hold of the sun tool in 2D view and moved it around and any fence that was showing shadows when they should have been sunny were simply turned around. I deleted all the fence nodes between the start and end of the fence, then swapped the position of the start and end nodes, then the polygon was facing the right direction and was properly shaded. I had to do this for a quite a few walls, it wasn't fun, but it worked.

    you might be able to add the other side of the wall and then delete the original side, or like you said you could have a front and back poly with single sided textures, which sounds like a good idea because then you can't drive though it from either side, as is the case with most fences. I think i'll do that to mine at some point too.