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Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Edward Gayle, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. how the pfff do you get gold on the 1000m challenge ic-5 please help.
    oh yeah hello everybody, i hope your all enjoying gt5 :)
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Why do you need to swear when you make a post?
  3. Brake at the X mark without letting the tires lock, you should just about make the finish line.
  4. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    I cleared it on cold doing this:
    Just a split second before the 'start' sign press the throttle about 70-80% and play with it to get minimum wheel spin. Then I break about 3-4 meters before this marked X on the tarmac.

    Took me some time also to get it right... about 20+ or so :)
    The last part of Int. C license is even harder. 2 laps in finishing 1st... pfff. but got it finally. Int. B here we go.
  5. come on bram, you know how it is my man....
    im fully aware of the derogatory word in my post. thats why i abbreviated it, just so it would limit any kind of offence to anyone.
    obviously i will refrain myself from showing a true feeling of frustration in future posts.
    everybody is different you know and sometimes looking at the bigger picture is beneficial.
    for the sake of humanity, apologies to you bram.
    ive also learned the art of using... pfff ... from now on :)
  6. psn t1000eg ...
    thanks for all the replies...roll on intl - b :)
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    No I don't actually. On a forum you have time enough to control your frustration before making a post. We are a family friendly forum and we don't want a board that is full of people swearing for no reason.

    Back on topic: going to esxperience hopefully tonight how the licenses system works. Ramon told me today on the phone its pretty challenging and cool.

    Looking forward to it.
  8. I spent about an hour and a half trying to get Gold on all 10 B-x licenses...granted I have a controller (the HKS is definitely helping) :)
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I have completed all licenses now :) Up next: improving my level followed by finally going online :)
  10. Is everyone going for gold or just taking what comes ? I myself am happy with silver if I get gold all the better:)
  11. I go for gold if i think i can get it within a few tries, if it becomes annoying il skip it and settle for silver, so far i've completed all up to I:B licence, so i have I:A and S licence left, with almost all golds, i think i have 4 silvers in total, the standard A licence is the only one i have all golds for, though i plan to finish off those other ones later.
  12. Only gold, if i have to spend hours of trying then so be it, more value for the money and i learn something for every try :D
  13. im the same bruv. finding it so hard to get gold on all licences.more than happy with silver if it gives you the points. im just gonna have to try harder i think :)
    good luck
  14. I got this one tonight, use auto gears, and dont keep the throttle on until the race is started.

    You make a better start if you only press throttle when you get the 'Go!' signal, and with auto gears you'll always shift at the right time, which make a little differance as well.

    Found the Miura race pretty easy actually, got 2nd on my first try and got it on the second try :)

    Got gold on all sofar, will now start IA :)
  15. Problem with auto gears is that it usually shifts earlier than you would want to maximise speed, so manual should always be a little faster, but it depends on the car i guess.
  16. In this test it is faster, trust me :)
  17. I have all gold except the wet braking, cone slalom and karussel in iA or iB license. Just cant get them with silver.
    Any help is appreciated.
  18. you need to lift slightly in the slalom around the earlier cone (to have a bit more steer in), until you are with the last 3 cones, then try to take as much speed with you around the last one.

    For the karussel, brake at the shadows, and steer in really hard, make sure you get the power down smooth.
  19. Ramon van Rijn

    Ramon van Rijn

    Wet braking..... omg... that one was hard for me... 1,5 hrs here. Managed it twice to be exactly 0.002 too slow. And than finally after such long battle the enjoying gold again :)

    For all the slaloms I do this when the car tries to brake out; just lift the throttle a tiny bit and press brake a tiny bit. You still have enough speed and the rear is surprisingly steady. But only doing it for a while just to stabilize the car. The last to cones, just fire and forget :) (you need some luck)

    For the Karusell... In my first attempt I missed my brakepoint and overshoot. And half outside, half in the concrete part I finished it flatout. And at that point I already was 0.2 within gold. So I knew another line could be the trick... So try a totally different line there and get some luck while going flatout. :)

    I am now done with all up to Int A in Gold. Int A is Bronze and Silver. Not yet started at the highest license.
  20. The issues I've had so far are the second of the slaloms, in the Toyota. Took me about an hour to get silver on that one. I found that feathering the throttle and brake at the same time helped a lot. And on the Super License I'm really struggling with the Ferrari P660? The one where you are race with the 60's racers on R246. I can only get bronze at the moment I find the car suffers with an absurd amount of understeer, any tips?

    Also I've been settling for Silvers. Other than pride is there any reason to go for golds do you get any decent cars?