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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by gegewrc, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Is there any news regarding the licences? When will it be fixed?

  2. Nobody knows? Bendon doesn't answer to the mail so I'm quite confused about his virus problems... Brendon, if you read this... :)
  3. I think this hi-lights a problem with 'rolling' licenses actually. Whilst I totally understand a developers need to protect his revenue, if something happens to him that incapacitates him there are a lot of people who have paid for a product that they, through no fault of their own, cannot use.
    I know my license is coming up for renewal and if I can't use the product, say within seven days of expiry and can't contact Brendon, then the only course of action I'll have is to seek a refund - I've paid, hence I want to use what I've paid for.
    From what I have written above I am in no way criticising the software or Brendon, in fact BTB is excellent in my opinion and the amount of work Brendon has put into this program is quite obvious from just using it. But if you release software and charge for it you have to be prepared for all eventualities.
  4. he should hire an Eastern based call center, they come 10 a bucket these days and very cheap.

    Worst thing a company can do is give customers the silence treating, no matter whatever the cause might be.
  5. gegewrc, your original post was pretty vague - you didn't say what your problem was, what operating system you're using or give any other details, so it's not surprising you didn't get an answer.

    eddieh, afaik there's no problem with renewing licenses that have expired, I've certainly never had any problem with that and my last renewal was a couple of weeks ago. It came through within a few hours as usual.

    Anders Madsen, you are joking aren't you? It's not a company, it's just a bloke.

    Brendon has clearly stated that BTB isn't supported on anything other than XP so if people choose to ignore that and run BTB on alternative operating systems I can't really see what they are complaining about.

    BTW, I've no connection with BTB apart from being a long standing user.
  6. what i mean is that, he insist on using such a licensing system but when people get problems they cant get help, i run BTB on win 7 with no problems so far, Brendon have done an awesome job with BtB except for communicating lately :smile:
  7. Hi,

    I know that it's pretty vague... :biggrin: . I posted this topic for a friend who doesn't speak english, not for me... so my request is for him. He bought his licence and paid for this and he didn't get any answer or confirmation. So he doesn't know what's going on. He simply ask for a licence date... because he want to use BTB!

    I'm not saying that it's bad, He just would like more info concerning the licence and the virus problem!
  8. License issues!

    I've sent an email to Brendon, but so far haven't recieved a response and I'm hoping people here might be able to help.

    I have had BTB working nicely on my computer, but it doesn't recognise my license file and gives me the "14 days of trial are over" message when I try and run it. I've downloaded my license again, thinking that it was just a corrupt file.

    Has anyone else had this problem, and/or how do I solve it?
  9. Make sure you have only 1 license file on the BTB root folder (delete previous ones).
  10. I uploaded a new BTBpro license last week without any problem, i think you are doing something wrong, for me the BTB license works fine.
  11. Try checking the licence page here


    to see if your friends licence has been generated.

    For others having trouble with Vista & Licences maybe try turning off UAC.
    I have been using Vista 64 with BTB for months with no problems.
    All the problems I have had with Vista went away when I turned off the UAC.
    Just make sure you do regular security scans with this turned off.
    I use Spybot - Search & Destroy, Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware & AVG Free V9.0 weekly.

    Also when setting up your licence I suggest setting it for a minimum period ie: 1 month.
    That way if you have trouble, worst case scenario is that you only have to wait 1 month to try again.

  12. I had no response from Brendan either when my license suddenly stopped working. This had happened to me before, and based on his solution that time I was able to fix the problem. Apologies if I'm repeating information that can be found elsewhere, but I failed to find it so here goes anyway:

    The license depends on your hardware configuration. Mine stopped working because one of my hard disks failed (or so I thought) - in fact it was just a dodgy connector. Once the drive was back up and running, BTB ran just fine.

    Any significant hardware change - certainly storage-related - may cause your license to stop working. Check USB storage devices, hard disks etc etc... might be a solution for you. You need to run it on a PC that looks to the software just like it did when the license was created in the first place.

    I'm running BTB Pro on XP, btw.

    Hope that helps someone.
  13. Some strange thing with the BTB license on my computer is - when I put an SD card into card reader device, the program says that the trial period is over. I was confused first time when I got the windowed message. I restarted the system then and everything was fine! Later I realised it was because of that card in the slot... I don't know why this happens all the time :) Maybe some users have similar problems?
    (I wrote this post somewhere else too).
  14. I know that brendon said when running the HID.exe to remove ALL storage devices (USB's and I guess the SD Card)

    Maybe that confuses the License.
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  16. my version of BTB stopped working after I updated my nvidia drivers, not even a hardware change but just a stupid driver update. Now this wouldn't be a problem but my existing license for my main pc was set to run until september (set this before Brendon decided to alter his policy on new licenses) so far I have had no reply to my emails and I am rapidly losing patience. If Brendon no longer wishes to support BTB then maybe it's time to find a license system that isn't so fussy. I have to keep my pc up to date but find myself putting off those essential upgrades because every time I end up with non functioning software.
    It isn't only BTB that suffers but the other software was sorted within a day or two.
  17. From this moment on, I revoke my BTB fanboy status! I urge others to join me in protest lol