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Licence Expired on BTB Pro after Install of BTBEvo Demo

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Wizbiscuit, May 12, 2009.

  1. I have a licenced version of BTB pro and thats all good, I have installed the BTBEvo demo and will purchase on pay day, so thats all good.

    Just fired up BTB pro and it not says my licence has expired, is this caused by the BTB evo demo, says I only have two licences for pro left, so I dont want to keep using these????
  2. Did you recreate your hid.txt and resubmit it for .7 of pro?
  3. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Instructions of how to update your BTB Pro license were sent out to all Pro users.

    Make sure you are an email subscriber and don't use a yahoo account.

    Email me if you are stuck.

    The timing of installation and expiry is coincidental. They quite happily exist side by side.
  4. OK, yer, I noticed the default is only 40 days or something, so I just requested another, this time for a little longer ;)

    I do get your emails, but clearly dont read them as fully as I should...

    Looks like its proberley a mixture of coincidence and my own daft self :)
  5. OK, just got my new licence, thanks for being so fast.
  6. I allso have have that problem under pro license page its says;
    Important: Some people have been altering their computers system date in order to get other software running. Such an action, when running BTB may trigger the protection software into thinking that the license has expired. If you have run BTB whilst your system date has been set to an improper time (such as a year in advance), you will need to set the number of Months to 18. If you fail to do so then you will need to wait for the current license to expire before you are able to submit a new HardwareId.txt file.
    How and where do you set number of months to 18?
    or is there a way of completly reseting everything!
  7. bit late for that

    Can it be changed afterwards cause i can't upload anything know
  8. where can i find out how long my license is for
    this is looking ugly
  9. no it can't be changed afterwards.
    that up to you, .keep a note of how long.
  10. I not paying for somthing a can't yous its not the cheapeast program.
    it i send a new hareware file it must be posible to send a new license file
    they should see its the same computer
  11. whats the default value?
  12. you have 3 licences to your purchase, there is no need to spam the forum,sending the hid file doesn't cost you anything extra.and to the matter of facted, you can always use 3ds max to make your track,if you thing that cheaper.piddy has spent 2-3 years of his own time building this projected and the last thing he needs is a whiner.say it could be cheaper.$70 dollars is in aus dollars not usa.with unlimited supported, can you say you get that from any other software company.
  13. Don't get me wrong i think the program is a marval! thats why its so dam frustraighting when i can't get it working. i payed the license because i think it is well worth the money. but i was expecting to be able to use it.
    you say that 3 licenses are available then please help me.

    there is no where for me to send a new hareware file to, the upload btbpro license button is greyed out.
  14. http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/pro_users/license.aspx
    if the button is greyout, check yah email for the information, if no email yet then please be patienced.piddy probably needs to manually updated the file.
    also check the stickys on forums,about yahoo email accounts
  15. Got the E-mails downloaded the license file have know recieved an updated license file from the man himself but still no luck all i get is
    lock system trial period expired
    i did have the wrong date but thats fixed know, I genarated and sent a new hid file after this. and have downloaded the new license file...
    Still the same the demo was working great for me so it is only registration issues i'm having. The response time form piddy is extremly good. i got the new license after a few hours.
    is there any thing that can be done to zero out windows registery
    would a windows reinstall do the job?
  16. silly question i know. but have you put the licence into btb main folder.?

    try winoptimizer 5 or 6 ,that has a trial for 30 days to see if there a problem with the registry., before you do the extreme windows reinstalled.
  17. Im having the same problem. I bought a license about 2 or 3 months ago....worked great for that time..... had a power failure and when windows came back on it did a disk scan..(when you run in boot camp as i do (mac) and the comp resets you cant avoid a disk scan) then after this i tried to work on a track again and now it says the lisence has expired.

    So i cleared everything out of the folder, reinstalled the lisence from the btb download site (after i login again.)

    and it still says it is expired. SOOOOOOO frustrating!!!!

    I so need this to work ASAP. im using it to layout a big event im planning and it works great for floor plan layout for events we do at Moto cross races.

    Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Ive sent Piddy two emails with no return (i know weekends he cant be around all the time..i understand and am very greatful he even created this for us to purchase)

    Its not the boot camp either...windows is runing natively just fine..... so no "mac is the problem" answers please.

    Thanks very much
  18. any body? anything?

    i dont want to have to use google sketch up......because i can t use export anything.

  19. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    I replied to your first two email with 24 hours of receiveing them. I know you received them because you replied in a third. After reading this nonsense, written within hours of sending your third email, I'm finding it difficult to be motivated to answer any more.