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Cars Lexus LFA [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Project CARS Mods' started by gvse, Feb 12, 2016.

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  1. gvse submitted a new resource:

    Lexus LFA - Lexus LFA: conversion from S2U into Pcars

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  2. this mod dont work .Car doesnt shows up in game
  3. It works. You need updated bootfiles (compatible with patch 9.0). They have not been released yet.
  4. Thank you gvse !!! will wait... ! car looks very nice !!! happy to see modding on Pcars !!!!
    maybe we'll see tracks modding too ???!?!??? ;)
    Thank you !!
  5. Bootfiles for patch 9.0 have been made available by JDougNY. Thank you so much!
    Link in the description of the mod.
  6. martinsalat

    Premium Member

    thanks for the very good car.but the game crash after 1 minute driving
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  7. now after updating works :D Great work :D
  8. Can't help you there as I don't experience the problem.
  9. No problems at all !!! good job !!! Thank you !!!!
    I found it just a little oversteering but setup may help !!!
  10. No problems either, great work! Next one a Lamborghini Gallardo from Shift2? Would be great to have another italian car in Project Cars.
  11. Thank You for the great mod(s).
    Constructive note on this car would be that if you use auto gears the engine overrevs for just a bit too long before it changes. Also on my comp it seems that the left side of the rear window has a reddish tint.
    Not sure if these are fixable but unfortunately I don't have solutions, just dare to mention them.
  12. I also have the same reddish rare and left side window.
  13. can you make gt1 cars or the gt3 cars from shift 2
  14. bmw27:
    I am not interested in race cars. There's the Machine Dojo team which does great scratch race models.

    to all:
    there will be an update at some point in the future and we will try to address as many problems as we can.
  15. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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