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Skins Lexus F1 Team Package 3.0

fantasy team package by arvaimate00 (replacing Force India)

  1. arvaimate00 submitted a new resource:

    Lexus F1 Team Package - fantasy team package by arvaimate00

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  2. Again absolutly insane! It looks like a typical Japanese F1 car! :D But I hope this skin wont replace a real Toyota skin. ;)

    One thing: Take the "Formula One Team" a bit lower under the Lexsus logo. :)
  3. A real Toyota skiin? Is it an allusion?;)
    Thank you very much, I can place it a bit lower, sure:) I will make it in Update 2.0 probably, just because I don't wanna upload a that small thing as a "update", but your gonna have it with some other thing, maybe with some driver suits? Who knows:p
  4. Love the factory team/brand slant on your mods. I would vote a Peugeot, Porsche, Audi, or Volvo team(s)?
  5. Thanks! I'm not sure if I will make an Audi team alone because I have a Red Bull Audi mod, but I really like the idea of a Volvo or a Porsche F1 Team:) I added them to my not existing list:p
  6. Verry nice mod i love it !, can you make one off the jordan f1 team ?
  7. it is a nice mod but i cant use it !!
  8. You need to use ERP Archiver to use it:)
  9. Really nice skin man!
  10. Thanks man!:)
  11. This replaces Force India right?
  12. It's right:)
  13. How ?!?
  14. -Download ERP Archiver
    -open in ERP Archiver the force india.erp file from your game (F1 2016/asset_groups/f1_2016_vehicle_package/teams/force india/wep)
    -import my files and replace the old ones
    That's it!
  15. can you make a video how you change the livery ?
  16. Nice car, but .... in my opinion it looks better if in team logo, LEXUS and Formula one team have a little more space between them. For example:
    Franske :cool: