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Misc Lewis Hamilton's 2014 Steering Wheel V2 2.0

Lewis Hamilton's 2014 Steering Wheel V2

  1. This is Lewis' 2014 Steering Wheel V2.It's for both cars, because the game uses one skin for 2 models. Of course it's not the correct model I've just made real button, switch colours and real leds (4 green, 5 red, 5 blue)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2014
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  2. Is this for both cars or only Lewis?
  3. Joel


    Great! Would you mind doing this for Rosberg as well?
  4. Unfortunately both
  5. First I wanna do the McLaren and the Ferrari steering wheel, and then yes, if more people want, i will do it.
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  6. Joel


    Ok. Looking forwards to those :)
  7. Ok then can't wait for those.Could you also do the Williams steering wheel?
  8. Yes, I can, but not the model just the buttons, shitches and leds
  9. Alright then that's fine I'll still like it.
  10. lmm


    Rosberg version?
  11. I will release it tomorrow.
  12. Uhm, you take screenshots with F12 in steam, not the print button.
  13. Thanks, I've corrected.
  14. thanks!