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Lewis Hamilton

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Bram, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  2. It's not Lewis Hamilton the F1 driver. :p
  3. After racing with him and seing how he behaves on track, I would most likely say it's him... If not he is a very good iracer who just wanted to make a joke... I dont know many people that can jump into the MX5 and end up 0.3s slower than me @ Lime Rock... He could though and he was racing really well and cleanly...
    So he might not be THE Lewis Hamilton, but seing him up online just a couple weeks after he allegedly used iRacing to practice on Watkins Glen for the driver swap with Tony Stewart does seem rather plausible to me...
  4. I will take this video at face value as you can't assume it is him by having just the name on a screen anyone can do that, it's smooth driving but unless someone else was filming showing Lewis Hamilton racing in a sim cockpit racing on Iracing I'd just say nice to who ever it is.
  5. Flav,

    Do personal lap stats only get recorded in official sessions?

    I only ask as 'Lewis Hamilton' is only shown as running 1 race on 19Jul11 @ Okayama in the Roadster, which he won.

    There are no lap times for him in MX-5 at LRP or even from the F1 race he was running in Bram's video.

  6. Seen him host sessions with passwords sometimes. If i had to put money on it i would say it is Lewis himself, the only entertainer in F1.

    If you do some checks you will see Barrichello, Montoya among other high lever drivers also having iRacing.
  7. Yeah, he's apparently hosted 4 sessions.

    Just found it odd that he's run the FW31 and raced Flav at LRP, but there is nothing in his car stats to show lap times (only the race he ran @ Okayama).
  8. These were all in Hosted... By "racing" I meant we did hotlap together, him trying to draft me to imprive his laptime as I was the fastest of the session.
    Here is the hosted session on LRP chicane I talked about
    Another hosted @ LRP in F1 where he got the best lap by FAR in practice, still hosted...
    Same here @ Laguna Seca in MX5...
    Not everyone can reach 1.41.9 there...
    And next day, host one himself, to reach 1.41.549
    FYI, my all time best lap @ Laguna with a setup was 1.41.1xx... Didnt race there in a while, but 1.41.5 is NOT something "just a guy" can reach, unless that guy is very experienced in simracing or in racing in general :)

    He joined a total of 24 hosted session and was VERY fast in all of them for someone who just joined the service... especially in F1...

    As fasr as I'm concerned, I am certain it is him :)
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Saw this video on Facebook. Not my video :)
  10. There are other sims out there other than iracing. Just because someone is good at iR from start up, or just because someoneis almost as fast as you doesn't mean he's a real F1 driver. lol. Anyways. If you're so concerned about it why don't you just ask him?
  11. Sure there are other sims... But I have the WR @ LRP with the NTM roadster and NTM cup, I was in the top 15 with the OTM... out of 20000... and I did thousands and thousands of laps there to reach such laptimes. I dont know many people that do keep up with me there, so he was fast, extremly fast for someone that did only 24 hosted sessions and 1 official race. Or maybe naturally talented.
    As I said it's either a joke from someone that is already in iRacing... or it's really him.

    He does not race anymore and I did not talk to him when we raced other than basic stuff before I left.
    Too many people were spamming the chat and he almost never answered...
    At one point I just said that maybe people could just stop asking 10000 questions and that maybe he wants to just race without being bothered and just enjoy the game... There he answered: "Bingo!"
    He never confirmed nor denied when he was asked whether or not it was really him... He just did not answer.

    He went online a couple more times after that and never came back since...
  12. The only 3 people that really impressed me by being very fast from the start in the MX5 with no previous experience in iRacing are Norbi Kiss (LFS legend and full time race driver driver now), Shane Van Gisbergen and now this guy named Lewis Hamilton lol...
  13. Yea he´s putting down some really good times in any car. Times that us have to log several laps of and really put in the work.

    I remember we did a list in iRacing with all the famous names, (surely some of the might not have been the person we thought) but that list turned out to be extremely long.