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Leverage client to new pc...

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Bert Van Waes, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Leverage client to new pc... HELP

    Wow, quite the hassle to fix arca on a new pc when you went from Xp 32bit to Xp 64bit on the new system...

    So, i redownloaded the leverage client for a new 64bit user... Is this correct???

    Because i can't access this application when i try to register???

    Or am i an old 64 bit user in the terms of Simfactory? Even though i was on 32bit...

    I don't get this... Sigh

    How difficult can an installation be. I'm trying to get this wright for the race tonight...

    And then i need to find my token...
    Wy is there no button or menu on the leverage client to fill in the email or something. HELP!!

  2. Ok i'm already a bit further.

    The client now works without errors and i asked the client to send my token to my email adress.

    It sent me one back with the token.

    When i try to use it it says this: "The proof of purchase token supplied has expired or does not exist in our system. Please request a new token and try again."

  3. Oef it worked... But man the new leverage seems quite buggy

    needed to start it like 10 times before all error messages were gone. In those 10 times i changed nothing... Pretty weird, but it's working.:D

    Sorry to make a thread when it seems i can solve it myself guys. :)
  4. lol Bert :)
    hopefully you can join in time :)
  5. :) now it's indeed lol. But man i was in panic first, haha.

    29% installing now. We'll see:fwd:
  6. We are fixing the webpages, there is only one client. The 64 bit is not officially supported due to irregularities along the security corridors of the OS which seem to be inconsistent at best (Vista primarily). It does work on 64 bit, but when it doesn't, you have to debug without technical support of the Sim Factory unfortunately.
  7. it's XP64 at the moment here. Mainly because there's 6 gig RAM in the new system and that would'nt pay off in a 32bit system. But i'm waiting on the official release of windows 7.

    It seems to work here as i'm online with the client and installing now. 57% :)
  8. bert is on track woooohoeeeeee great news mate
  9. problem with the patch.

    Corrupt download, trying again now, it's the patch _091001.fmap

    edit: Like Bjorn said, just let it redownload. And it works! :)
  10. TSF just a question
    right now my gaming system is still running on xp, but I have a Windows 7 ultimate 64bit dvd that I still need to install it on the gaming system.
    So in other words soon I will be upgrading....but my system configuration might be a bit different than what people normally have :)
    Here is the thing. I have 2 hard drives in my rig. one is where the OS is installed and the other is where the games are installed. Now normally after I reinstall windows I just delete the old content, backup the driver profile before and reinstall every game (steam, race 07, arca). But as of right now I never reinstalled the windows after the new leverage client came out.
    So my question is, do I need to download/install leverage client as new user or as existing user? (Do i still need to delete the old content or leave the existing content)
  11. Hey Chris,

    When making major system ag=adjustments such as you are, it's best to back up the userdata folder, then deactivate the client by running the Reset Leverage State option. This will allow you to reinstall and credit your account one installation. Just click on the Register my DVD button again and enter your email to generate a new code to use.
  12. cool
    great to hear that :)
  13. Euh! Im running Win 7 Ultimate 64bit and have no problems with Arca or any game :)
  14. Tim Ling

    Tim Ling
    It's a million-to-1 chance, but it just might work Premium

    I gotta say a big thanks to TSF for re-setting my account after I forgot to reset it before I re-installed Win7!
  15. How many installs are we allowed? I want to play the game now, but I really don't have any intentions of reformatting until I get an SSD (perhaps shortly after Christmas?) so if I'm only allowed X number of installs, I'd like to wait rather than using one up now.
  16. 2 at initial purchase, and if you use the "Reset Leverage State" option in the client you will be credited another installation as well. And if you have any issues, a email to us will get it resolved too ;) No Fear! :)