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lets talk about textures.....

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by bigcarva, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. What you think talk about textures?
    some tracks has beautiful textures and it´s not very big (MB).
    I have a top setup (computer) and any track run fine to me.
    But I need think and others users, so which the better way to save my textures?
    How can I test this perfomance?
  2. huuummm nobody want talk about textures :bananahuge::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::bang:
  3. well, you must to take test your track for others user...
    or you must to see what is size of textures in orginal RBR tracks, or in track from czech creators (pribram, hradek...)
  4. If you want the public to race your track, keep it simple. The loading time will give you a good idea of your tracks performance.

    Obviously the first load is long as it generates the HAT file, but compare the loading times to a standard pack. If it takes too long and your track jerks when people drive it in a race, it will get deleted soon.
  5. 1024x1024 is not good ideia to make tarmac textures?
    wich DX is better to save the textures? dx1, dx3, dx5.
    I listen people says that my tracks is not good textures, but in my computer,
    the textures is good. I know the video card affects. but the same people says
    tracks like toban is good but my track dont. and in my computer both is good to me.
  6. For comparison, the recent highly detailed Long Beach for rFactor, I think it was, has the worst performance of any track I've encountered. Basically the textures require a 768 MB to 1 GB video card as it kills a 512 MB video card. It will be a great track in 2-3 years, but today, it's not ready for prime time.

    Overall, if the textures will work on a 512 MB video card and lowering details works for 256 MB cards, then you're golden.

    For testing, either buy yourself an older computer or enlist someone with an older computer to help. Use the DX9 features and test in DX8... nearly everyone ignores DX7, so, despite one or two people being vocal about DX7, it's not been an issue.
  7. don't take notice of what people say on rfactorcentral m8, take that with a pinch of salt,has you get a lot of oddpeople on there,most seem to be little wannabe's who have nothing better to so and try to rub you up the wrong way.
    road texture i assumming he more than like complaining about the actually level of detail in the actually texture itself, i had that too.eg cracks in road,and all that .
  8. Make a low res texture pack and release it as an option with the download.

    I'm getting a bit carried away myself too with my latest project, some textures are 2048x2048. Run's fine on my system until I enable shadows for the trees :pissed-off: . But I will include a low res pack with the track when I release it.

    On that note, do the bump, spec, multiply and add have to be the same size as the diffuse or can they be smaller?