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Let's solve this out: Helmets problem

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by DavidHC, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. DavidHC


    Hello there!

    With such a good moders here and so many players, I hope to solve my BIG and FRUSTRATING problem. Below I will show you, step by step, how I get in this point:

    1. Start a career... From Wiliams to McLaren in 2nd season.
    2. Put some skins from RDD: McLaren, Wiliams, Red Bull and Ferrari cars; Hamilton, Button, Weber, Vettel, Alonso, Masa, Schumy, Roseberg helmets.
    3. For my career I used Button Helmet from Japan and Hamilton's.
    4. Suddenly, at Catalunya, my helmet looks like Shubert, not Arai.

    Here is what I've already tried:
    1. Remove all the custom skins/helmets - no positive result;
    2. Reinstall the game and keep a fresh copy for backups - no positive result;
    3. Try the helmet in TT: it works perfectly;
    4. Try all the custom helmets in GP: worked perfectly;
    5. Remove the profile from GFWL - I don't know what happen after that; :))

    None of all above helped me.

    I don't want to start a new career... I'm already bored to do the same track over and over again. For some reasons (other AI mods from here) I was forced to start more than 5 careers till now. :(

    Now... Is anybody here kind enough to help me with that?! :) Some advices, tips or even reprimands.