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Let's see these rig setups

Discussion in 'TNGTC GT3 - GT3 Pro' started by Gazza123, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Well I'm feeling a bit bored today so thought I'd come spam on here,

    So yeah as title says let's see how you spend that hour and half or so on Thursdays racing, pad, wheels and joysticks welcome

    Here's mine



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  2. You've labelled all your buttons :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:
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  3. You don't understand how gassed he was when he bought the label maker.

    Also I like what you did gaz, "I'll come SPAM here" BANTERRRRRRR
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  4. Team advertisement mate ;)

    I'll label you in second benji!!
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  5. Thrilling setup I have mate.

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  6. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    WHAT! no ice cream
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  7. 1. it was on the floor.

    2. I'd be worried if it was still there since oschersleben.

    Sorry to let you down.
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  8. Loooooool liam we already established it wasnt ice cream....it was the pure excitement of u winning that race ;)
  9. Ironically it was vanilla, so it was white hahaha
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  10. The world's best setup :thumbsup: 13931604_1771380096473157_175160910_o.jpg

    Can we just appreciate them photograph skills. The lighting is on point
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
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  11. Can we just appreciate, how damn close do you sit to your screen?!
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  12. very....
  13. does your chair not move when you push the pedals?
  14. And don't your elbows hit the armrests when you corner, or do you have t-rex arms?
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  15. Ben Milden

    Ben Milden
    Premium Member

    Show mine later if I can get photos on here
  16. So when you brake you go backwards away from the pedals yeah lol?
    Does the seat not rock around lol
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  17. The seat doesn't move because I weight 4kg :sneaky:
    And My elbows don't hit the arms of the chair because I define the laws of physics
  18. 4kg!
    Come off it, that sack of potatoes you got down stairs can't possibly weigh more than you :roflmao:
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