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Let's hope GRID 2 will be better

Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by Roger Snead, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. I sure hope it's better than the first! I really like Codie's games usually, but that thing reminds me of Shift 2.

    Shift 2, man was that a waste of $60......pure garbage IMO.:mad:
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I think there is one important difference between those games you mentioned. When buying GRID I knew exactly what I purchased, a non-sim, while with the SHIFT series I was promised a sim with the most advanced physics, bla bla bla etc etc.

    Lets hope that Codemasters straight forward sell us what it should be: casual fun. Thats all I expect from GRID2
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  3. let's hope it will be a bit more realistic this time.

    i wonder what cars and tracks grid 2 will contain.
  4. Shane Burke

    Shane Burke
    Premium Member

    i doubt very much itll be sim at all. Sure most of the Colin Mcrae games for PS2 were pretty realistic ( i thought ). Then they've had toca games which were good too!
    then PS3 came out and theyve went downhill from there. and it looks like itll stay like that.
    GRID 1 was shocking. at least they said it wasnt a sim.
    Dirt 1 was alright. Dirt 2 was pure american, Dirt 3 was nothing great about it.
    F1 2010 wasnt bad for first attempt! F1 2011 was big improvement but people still complain about it in only their 2nd try!!!! But at same time its still arcade ish. And we will not get a proper sim game for PS3. But we might for PS4 and new xbox.
    So dont expect a sim Grid game is what i think
  5. I didn't mind if either was a non sim.... the fact that the physics were almost unplayable, IMO, with my Fanatec GT2 on xbox, is what burned me up.
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  6. I like GRID because the physics weren't realistic, and thus it was a great feeling arcade racing game. Why do you all want it to be more realistic?
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  7. Exactly. I definitely wouldn't mind slightly more realistic handling, but there is nothing wrong with the way the original GRID handled. I had an unbelievable number of hours of fun with the game. That said.. one thing that I would love to see are... pitstops! Think about it, TOCA Race Driver 3 had pitstops and they were a brilliant addition. Could add a lot more depth to the game and if they manage to retain the arcade feel like in TOCA or GRID with it we could be in for a treat. Let's await Wednesday! Hopefully we'll see a trailer then. I will be a bit disappointed if they only give us an official announcement along with release date though. :)