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Lets have a STCC event!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Chris Noble, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. How many do we think have STCC now then?

    Several ppl got it from sweadon and then there is the people who get it free because they pre-ordered gtr evo (hopes i am included).

    and some purchased it.

    may be get an event setup for tonight?
  2. Make a poll Chris, might give a good indication as to how many you could expect for an event, I'm gonna wait for the steam version myself.
  3. I managed to get it free. But, when I try to access the STCC servers, I can only get in one of the servers, I keep getting Bad Password...Tried them all too. But, yes, short notice is not good for me either, I need to clear the time with the wife, you know, give her a heads up - I gotta race tonite!

  4. Thanks, I looked all over last nite, couldn't find anything! Thanks!
  5. Yeah thats what I have waited for. got home tonight and STCC is waiting in my steam games list :) so downloading it now :)
  6. I'll jump in if there's one tonight ...just went on RD's public server i say no more :)
  7. i`ll be having a dabble tonight so if something gets organised i`ll join you.
  8. I'll defo join, if there's an impromptu session :)
  9. 7 People so far, I say we all meet up in the RaceDepartment STCC server which has the trial club password about 18:30-19:00 GMT :)
  10. yep good idea
  11. Great idea :)

    EDIT: Which one though - there are two :)
  12. It's called RaceDepartment STCC

    2,3 & 4 are public :)

    Edit: Hmmm, 2000 posts
  13. Ah - I thought 1,2 & 3 were all semi-public :)
  14. working late, haven't dowloaded yet will be home at around 20:00 if you are there I'll be seeing you:)
  15. ryan and me are on another pubic just now for a race then come and join the rd one and get it filled
  16. Ill join as well. :)
  17. Got home lat so I sadly missed you guys, but raced the non password server and it workd just fine :)
  18. This thread and poll needs closing :). Otherwise people will get confused.