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Less formal racing?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Williams, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Hi
    As a new Racing Club Member and being a bit new at this game I was wondering if there any servers run by the club that allow some more informal racing? I would like to try racing with like minded drivers, i.e. no crashers, but without the formality of a league, or even a club meeting. Is there such a thing, or is hitting the destruction derby of open servers my only option?

  2. mate, that's exactly what club nights are all about... informal racing... there's no pressure to perform, there's no points to be awarded... it's just racing with a bunch of like-minded people... nowt to fear, just sign up for some and see... :thumb:
  3. :plus1:

    ... before each race the servers are usually up for practice a day or two in advance, so you can mix it up a little if you wish, and polish your setup, technique and lines with other real people on there prior to racing.

    Practicing like this with one or two others works really well for learning race-craft in my experience :thumb:
  4. I'm a new member too.....and that's what exactly what I was looking for....but my very limited english not let me to ask...:laugh2:
  5. Where are you from? We have many different countries/languages covered in our international forums here
  6. OK, well I guess I had better dive in then. Just one thought (shows I'm a newbie), how do I join the servers??

    This is probably elsewhere in the forum, but thought I'd ask whilst I'm here!

  7. They show up in the normal game lobby as passworded servers. Enter the club password and off you go. Remember to sign up for the event first though :)