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Leo Bodnar wheel now on sale

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Hampus Andersson, May 19, 2013.

  1. Utter madness.

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  2. If only I had the money...
  3. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    sell a kidney ?

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  4. Looking at it like this....it will be the last wheel you´ll ever need to buy ;)
    There is no "next level" here :)
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  5. hi, according to my opinion this system is not optimal, the engine is operated in the worst way possible, people have the mania of always putting the biggest thing found, the price is absurd and nonsensical, the ideal engine would be a servo 400w max, using a digital AC servo, the price of the engine and drive costs 600 eu. maximum, this seems crazy.
    then you have to analyze things well, the actual wheel of your car, going hard and giving you super-hits?, I doubt, that only happens in the kart, or direct transmision car unaided (vintage cars) that super-hard obsession with ruffles I do not understand, greetings.
  6. If you think there´s a market for an even cheaper servo-wheel then you should definitely go for it.
    I´m sure you would get alot more customers if you sell a wheel for less then half the money.

    Although i have a slight feeling it´s really not that straight forward.
  7. This sort of stuff is the technology used in professional simulators used by racing teams all over the world. You get what you pay for!
  8. Maybe, but in the Motorsport world, the seller also gets what the customer is mad enough to pay :)
  9. the problem is not the engine that is used, use a 2kw servo is absurd, although they use professional equipment, does not mean it is the best.
    simulators see various F1 teams and are anachronistic and archaic, may have the best Fathead in metrology, but the physical level simulation, leave much to be desired and especially for the price.
    I have no soft programmers to make suitable for the steering wheel, if you supplied me the software for it, with a control signal of 10 + /-v., torque mode and differential pulse inputs for encoder, I guarantee one optimal result with fourth power section, not for the price of a 2kw servo only costs $ 150 more than the 400w is the way to work, http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/NEW-2-3KW-servo-motor-kits-15N-M-2300W-1500rpm-130ST-Servo-Motor-130ST-M15015-Matched/715405_776432135.html ,that would be fine with engines of 6 times over poles, for example 48 poles, but would have a very large diameter, it is best with less power reduction, that way we have more resolution and better servo control.
    real resolution to 2500 ppr servo. (10,000 is after quadruple the signal up and down + complementary encoder), may seem a lot but less than 9 "° or actual precision 0.37mm, with a 6:1 reduction and 400w. Have the same pair, and 6 times more resolution, which in practice means better servo control (oscillate less, better adjustment of PID).
    really almost all the flyers that are in market will have engines powerful enough, most of the time lacks a suitable power supply to motors, but the difference of using an AC servo, is it has a lot of control electronics better than the original steering wheel for the price it costs is a gift.
  10. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    thing is its great to say this or that ... i have made assumptions when building stuff and after a while of testing i have come to the conclusion that its safer /better to beef it up a little , thus putting the material under less pressure and giving at longer life span ....

    but the only way to do it is to build it and test it ; im sure that there is some freeware controller software out there or people that would be willing to give time to help you realise your assumptions ... best bet is to go for it and prove it works and has both the effect in real life as it has on paper and functions within the parameters that the end users wants and needs ...

    Im sure this is overpriced as its a commercial product , its not what it costs its what the market will pay .... the first one you make is always more expensive as it takes that r&d time .... after x amount of units built you get into the flow and swing ... especially when its not mass produced but closer to a bespoke build ....

    thats just how i see it ...

  11. First, in principle it is very expensive, even if you use other top brands (Panasonic, Yaskawa, etc..) worth 2 or 3 times more than the Chinese servos and work decently, I do not mind, I always have more torque than necessary, is correct, but not without gearing direct work, daily work with digital servos and what I'm talking about, on a CNC machine if you use a very powerful engine for a very direct control (no gearing) and a less powerful with gear reduction , anger always much better the less powerful engine in a very critical work, will tend always to oscillate and resonate.
  12. to understand it better, you have a very powerful engine 300hp, and very long relationship 3000rpm = 100kmh. and then has a 50hp engine, and a relationship 3000rpm = 20kmh., what do you think you would control better with the throttle, if your speed was 0-15kmh use.? or very slow circuit with a top speed of 20kmh. ,? is exactly the same, not power anything would be worth over a long development, always lose.
  13. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    again , do the build do the R&D and bring out the product .. that is covered by the appropriate laws .... im sure you know what your talking about ... my suggestion was having the knowledge and having the final product in hand will always differ from the initial idea based on your knowledge

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  14. Pax7

    LifeOn2 Development

    Hello Alpefe,

    It is possible to achieve very good results in direct drive configuration. You cannot just look at the servo motor in isolation, you also need to consider the other components and their specifications and configurations. With some knowledge of what you are doing, it is possible to assemble a direct drive system which well meets the requirements of FFB and avoids the drawbacks of mechanical linkage.
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  15. Ordered Mine., full setup from Servo to Wheel.
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  16. a view of the servo mounted under the hood of this sim.
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  17. Vito, vedo che hai soldi! :D
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  18. sorry, Axelc86, My Name is Italian, I understand it if you speak, and I can get around quite easy in the country, but I struggle reading some words and no one here to interpret and too lasy to go get my dictonary.....

    English please.