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Leo Bodnar G25 Pedal Adaptor Cable - Possible problem?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Warren Dawes, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. More hardware confusion for me. :rolleyes:

    I have just received my new Leo Bodnar G25 adaptor cable to allow direct connection of the Pedals to USB. I had been advised that this would help improve sensitivity among other benefits.
    It's this one:

    However, something seems strange. :confused:
    I plugged the pedals into the new cable, connected the USB to my PC, all seems to load ok, but when I go into the calibration screen, I find that the Accelerator is reversed compared to the Brake and Clutch. The Accelerator is at full travel without any movement, and goes to nil reading when fully depressed. The Brake and Clutch work as expected.

    Has it been wired wrong??? I received no additional instructions or software with the cable, and I can't see anything at the Leo Bodnar website to advise if I have to do anything special with the setup.

    Looking for more help, please.
  2. Hi

    Ive never actually used this device (tho many have with positive results) and never heard of this one....... will investigate :)
  3. What calibration screen Warren? theres two of them, one at "Calibration-DFP-G25" and another one at windows play units, if u use Fanatec wheel is it to be found at Porsche icon, dont remember where u can find it at the G25/27 wheels....

    Have u installed the drives for USB mod?
  4. I tried the Logitech calibration screen and selected the Logitech G25 individual pedal screen that comes up.
    I also tried the Porsche Icon one but it still brings up the same Logitech windows screen.
    I also tried it in-game with RBR and same end result.

    "Have u installed the drives for USB mod?"
    I don't know what you mean, I received no software with the plug and can't see any at the Leo Bodnar site where I purchased it either.

    EDIT: Just tried it in GTL and all three pedals calibrate in the same direction, but I have heaps of deadzone in the brake and the Accelerator doesn't reach full range without adjusting the senstitivity, but that causes deadzone problems.

    Is there some extra software somewhere to calibrate this cable?
  5. U need this to get it going....
    attached below

    Attached Files:

  6. Thanks Nils, is there a website somewhere to find all about this, or did I miss it somehow at Leo's site?

    EDIT: Nils, what am I supposed to do with this file when I unzip it? It comes up with an unknown file and when opened with notepad it is just lots of symbols. Where do I put it, or what do I open it with? :confused:

    EDIT 2: I'm using windows 7 64, does this make any difference?
  7. his support forum can be found here
    great little controller, use the same one connected up to my old act-labs pedals
  8. Thanks Nils/Neil, beat me to it :)

    Hope that sorts it for you warren and cheers guys, this is what the forum is about (Helping each other) great stuff :)
  9. Nice one Boys, I am waiting for my LB pedel adaptor to arrive, the email says tomorrow. Yipee. So this thread is just what I need.
  10. Got the adaptor. : )
    Nice and Quick thanks Leo...
    Here we go then... first ever install onto my race rig... hope I dont mess it up...
  11. well that seemed easy... now I will try the peddles out...
    Thanks for the link Nils
  12. woo hoo! That was easy. Better brakes now for sure!
    Nice one Leo!
  13. Is there a specific location to place this file when it is unzipped? When I run it, the whole screen has the buttons etc greyed out and nothing can be activated. Moving the pedals while in this screen does nothing either. :confused:

    Here is a screenshot of it after running it on my system.

    BTW, I have now got the cable working correctly (I think), I had to edit my RBR game file to invert the Brake and Clutch axes (strange, because I don't have to do that for my normal G25 pedal connection :confused: ).

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  14. weird, it should run anywhere, mine shows what type of pedals are connected along with the interfaces serial number
  15. Warren, I just downloaded it from Nils's link. Unpacked it, hit run and up it came. I pressed calibrate, pressed the peddles and then 'wrote' the results... all worked well.
    Too easy, even for a dude who knows nothing...
    But I do think that Leo could put in a bit of a4 with some brief instructions on... er Leo! : )

  16. Seems you are not able to connect to Leos USB circuit! Have you tried running the calibration software as Administrator?
  17. I've already tried that, doesn't work. I even tried hooking everything up to my older Win XP system, but I get the same results.

    Also, here is a screenie of my Windows Calibration screen. The separate pedals are recognised, but when going to Properties to calibrate them, this is what I get with no pedal movement applied.
    Pushing the Accelerator, the bar moves to the left, pushing the Brake or Clutch, the bar moves to the right.

    I keep suspecting that my Cable is wired wrong. :confused::confused::confused:

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  18. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Could it be that you are having driver issues that are conflicting with the G25/27 drivers? I would attempt to uninstall the drivers for the G25/27 and the USB circuit, the install the USB one and get it calibrated if it can before installing the G25/27 drivers. This may not resolve it, but if you are not connecting the pedals to the wheel, then it should not see the pedals as belonging to the wheel I would think. Especially when they are connecting with a different board in the middle.

    Because I am curious and like to be thorough, how do the pedals react and work with the wheel completely disconnected?
  19. I'm at a loss to understand why I would need to uninstall my Logitech drivers. These cables are sold specifically to enable the g25 pedals to work with the g25 wheel (but separately). How come no-one else has this problem, surely they didn't uninstall their G25 drivers first?

    I have connected my Pedals via the Leo Bodnar cable but without the wheel. The pedals are recognised and the problem still exists but with a twist. The Accelerator pedal calibrates normally, but the Brake and Clutch are reversed this time.

    All very weird.

    I sent a message to support@leobodnar.com three days ago, but no response from them yet. :frown:

    How do I uninstall the drivers for the USB circuit?

    I tried un-installing my Logitesh G25 drivers, also my Fanatec Drivers (just in case), re-booted the PC, inserted the USB from the Leo Bodnar cable. Calibration remains the same. Accelerator is reversed compared to the Brake and Clutch, and the Leo Bodnar Calibration utility doesn't recognise anything.

    I still suspect that the cable is faulty. :mad: