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LeMans (Circuit De La Sarthe) Time Attack

Discussion in 'Racer' started by exoticcar2009, May 9, 2010.

  1. it's not the good car for that track ... i prefere the aston db9 or the corvette c6 for exemple
    but let's try ;-)
  2. My Time: 5:09.7 . . . I think I could've shaved a few seconds off because I had steered into some grass :frown:

  3. My time is very slow :eek:

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  4. Why do you use a car with a large number of Qlog errors? Is it because you don't ever check the Qlog? There are too many cars/tracks made with Qlog errors which indicates, to me at least, a lack of pride in ones workmanship!

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  5. Well you downloaded the wrong car first of all
  6. Good idea with a new challenge, even if the circuit isn't a natural choice for hot hatches, a few competitive laps are always fun.

    Using Miura's quick fix as posted in the car's release thread, I went around the track in 4:56.453. If the update isn't meant to be used, just ignore the time of course.

  7. 2

    boomer are using old a275
  8. Beg to differ! I used the one linked to in the first post!

    It might just be a good idea to link to the proper one and have tracciontesara replace to one on it's website with a good one!!!!
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That just links back to the homepage!
  10. First, let me apologize to everyone concerned for downloading the wrong car! The link opened a page and I downloaded the first car, sorry.

    Second, I DO NLOT apologize for my Qlog comments, as the BPM_A275 SC has a few Qlog errors! There are some missing textures, etc. and they should be fixed.

    Generally I fix Qlog errors but missing textures is beyond my capability.

    Now to get back to the competition!
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

  12. 4:54.778

    I modified the ffb though, just to get some feedback

  13. Just out of interest, are you using the default car.ini or Miura's, Knut?


  14. Default, just corrected the FFB. Any link for Miura's ini?

    Nice time Cosmo, exactly one sec faster than me:D
  15. Well, now which ini should be used here?