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legend cars mod

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Austin Jordan, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. hey guys,
    this car in america is becmonig huge. the next step to the pros. i'm even getting into it in real life soon. i saw rfactor has it which upsets me (kart mod does too but i can't do anything about it) as these are great, competitive cars. snowmobile motor in a 1937 car. car is great especialy for ovals but can run road courses too. can someone plz plz plzzzzzzzz convert this mod legaly so it can be run in race 07 unless the rfactor is illegal. but i really want this car and it could help me in the future.
  2. where did the rFactor models come from? iRacing? If they are scratch built then conversion is possible if permission is available...
  3. rFactor models are scratch as far as I know........ Fairly old mod now.
  4. Austin save up your pocket money and buy rFactor :D
  5. Don't think iRacing was born yet when these cars released for rFactor. :D
  6. cool but is the one on rd the version on rfactor central? anyhow if it can be converted then i think it will be probably better.
  7. Yeah its the same. :)
    But then there is another problem, on wich Evo oval tracks are you gonna race? :D
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Why must everything always be converted i wonder. The iRacing legend cars are brilliant (best ever made) and if you want the real thing you might want to try those.

    The rFactor legends are nice but not great. Converting them to Evo is not really usefull as we hardly have any ovals in Evo.

    Is this converting things because people don't want to spend money or is there another reason?
  9. Nah because they perfer one platform over the other.
    There are things GTR Evo does better than rFactor and iRacing and the otherway around.
    GTR Evo has good AI for example which iRacing doesn't have any and rFactor lacks alot, just that for one example ;)
  10. yeah problem with iracing is paying monthly. i rather just pay a standard price and be done with it. i didn't know iracing even had legends. i have a lot of ovals on evo but they run road courses too. one things for sure they are very competitive. look into iracing but probably won't do it.
  11. I have a 1 year iRacing subscription I haven't used in 2 months (due to fading interest in simracing sadly).
    But iRacing is very good and has good cars and tracks but it takes a serious commitment to run it and it isn't a drive as you wish sim that rFactor is.
    And Austin there are some promotion codes you can try if you want to try iRacing, not sure if there are any free ones atm but check the iracing forums for that.
  12. yeah besides i don't think race should have legends now that i think of it because rfactor has a lot of ovals and dirt ovals as well (run them there too)
  13. rFactors got enough ovals to keep you happy for months & theres also the UK short ovals with asphalt & shaile (dirt) surfaces