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Legend AI

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by live2race03, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. I'm still relatively new to F1, however this is my second season in the game so I know a thing or two. Last season I was a rookie, and I began the season on intermediate with every assist possible on. I decided to come to F1 from the NASCAR scene so as you can imagine the jump is quite substantial (Yes, I am American). The season began as you would expect on that difficulty I won the first four races starting 10th, 3rd, 1st, 1st. Unfortunately, the wins did not feel authentic, I felt like it was to easy so I moved to Professional for the 5th race. It became more difficult to obtain polls, but the race race itself didn't change a lot. I noticed the cars were a lot more racier when we were bunched up but if I opened up 1 second gap that following car died down. So I decided to remove the remaining assist and live automatic gears. The season ended and I won all the races, etc. At the start of my second season I moved to RBR with no assist accept automatic gears. In the first race at Melbourne I qualified 3rd and won the race. It was challenging, and annoying but I won. In the second race things changed, a lot. I qualified 4th, and managed to get to the lead in the first turn (the first three cars got tangled up). I opened a 1-1/2 second gap on button and maintained it for two laps. At the beginning of lap three I was still setting the fast laps (faster than the field) and I noticed Button was beginning to gain on me. To prevent him from getting into DRS i changed to fuel mixture 3 (rich) and proceeded on. I was still setting fast laps, occasionally resetting fastest lap and Button was still gaining on me. It all came to an end when on the back stretch of Malaysia he passed me without DRS. He came from a second back in the beginning of the turn and passed me like I wasn't even trying. This was annoying I don't understand how he has turbo and I don't. I had the racing line, I didn't spin the tires, I did everything your suppose to do and he blow past me. I had the same issues in Melbourne and I was able to block them. What can I change, or what do I need to do to go fast? Does this mean I need manual gears?

  2. Well firstly, are you using your own setups? If yes - you may be doing something wrong. For the automatic gears - they slow you down a lot. Every assist slows you down. At least that's the way it works for me. Except for Racing Line of course. It's always better to have it. :D I didn't understand if you're on LEGEND AI now or on PROFESSIONAL AI. My first race I did on F1 2011 was with PRO AI and it wasn't difficult at all. Are you locking up the tires often? Without seeing a gameplay of you, I can't really say where you're losing but I think it should be from the setup. I've seen many, many wrong setups in the setup section. Altho I can't understand how exactly the suspension works in this game but generally people are making lots of mistakes on the setups. Tell me your setup for Malaysia and your lap times there. A gameplay will help a lot but not everyone has the PC to record while playing so .. :D

    EDIT: Now I saw the title "LEGEND AI"... sry.. :D
  3. LOL it is fine. To answer one of your questions I do and I don't use my own set up. The set ups I use aren't mine they are tried and tested by other members from this website in the setup section. I usually try a couple out too see what works. As for the rest of it I noticed I was on medium TC. So as of recently I've been using medium TC and Auto gears. I use a pad (ps3 controller) so it's slightly hard for me to go from KERS to DRS and shift gears too. Plus I worry about over reving the engine and it blowing up. I've best testing and working on my driving so maybe I'll fix whats wrong. I just think it's strange I was fine driving a Williams in Professional I could drive right away, now I'm in a RBR in Legend and everyone seems to be attacking me. I expect a change in difficulty but nothing like this.
  4. Your main problem is the PS3 controller. A wheel takes off seconds a lap..... It's a lot easier and a LOT more fun. As for the setups - as long as you're not using the default ones, it's probably better for you. Making your own setups will be better because they'll suit you. Some drivers like a lot downforce (like me) some drivers like to run very low downforce. This is the easiest example I can give you. To setup your car in this game isn't hard. You have only a few tabs for the setups. Wings/Brakes/Roll Bars/Suspension/Alignment. I usually don't touch the gearbox because it works perfect for me almost every time.

    Wings: Front needs to be balanced with the rear. If you drive with 5/1 wings your rear will be VERY unstable. I usually drive same numbers or 1 higher on rear. For example 9/10 or 11/11.. The more wings you have - the more downforce you get. More downforce = more cornering speed and less straight line speed.

    Anti Roll Bars: The best way to get grip is to make front: 1/rear: 11. This way your car will have lots of grip on the front but your rear will slide easily. I usually run both races and qualifications this way but I'm used to my rear sliding and it doesn't bother me. You could run 6/6 so it can be balanced or 3/9 for more grip and not so many slides.

    Brakes: This is very easy. The best for you is to run Small brakes / Medium Pressure and a little more on the front than the rear (bias). Usually it's from 52/48 to 54-55/46-45.

    Suspension: I don't understand this part much but from all the testings I think I'm a lot faster with 1/1/11/11. But this way you're trashing the tires too much. I can't give you suggestions for this one because I don't really understand it.

    Alignment: First 2 always to the left and last 2 always to the right.It's very bugged and it's always the best to do it like this.

    The main thing in this game are the wings. Everything else doesn't change a lot due to bugs.

    Also don't use KERS if it's hard for you because it's better to do 1 corner very good without KERS than to do it with KERS but with tons of mistakes in it. As for blowing the engine - it doesn't happen too much, so don't worry. But if it's hard for you - sooner breaking and a little slower acceleration are what you lose with the shifts. Without a wheel it's really hard. :D

    I hope I've helped.
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  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Firstly its great to see people from the USA getting into F1 cars so welcome. We have a couple of Canadians in our league too.
    What it could possibly be is that on Legend setting the AI are very competitive.
    So you need to be doing everything well to beat them.
    Setup, Strategy, lap times race craft.
    The game pad is bound to make it a bit harder (some guys are very fast with pad but few) but bottom line is you have selected the hardest level and it is hard!
    It also varies a bit from track to track. EG even in RedBull its hard to win at Spa and it took me 3 attempts. (Expert Mode so Legend and no assists / cockpit view).

    Its not a given that you will beat legend AI always even in a RedBull. Over a full season once in the RedBull in career I expect to win the WDC but not win every race. Maybe win 10-12 or so.

    My recommendation is that you drop TCS altogether as it will make you a better driver, it also masks bad setup.
    If possible get a wheel, even the cheap little Madcatz MC2 is fine for 3-400 hours of driving.
    Which reminds me of another thing its probably going to take 100 hours to get fast and 300 hours to be really consistently fast on this game but that is the beauty of the depth of it.
    After 300+ hours on F1 2010 and now 3 career seasons in F1 2011 and 3 prob races a week at 75% I am still fighting to beat legend AI on several tracks. Thats why they are legendary.

    PS on Setup. I probably spend 2-3 hours on each track getting setup optimised.
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  6. Do you use any mods? Legend AI is usually incredibly easy to beat. They are seconds per lap slower than a mid-range player. For example without any mods they do ~1.32 at Malaysia when you can do ~1.28. This is 4 seconds.. Usually you shouldn't have any problems winning a season in a BMW Sauber or any mid field car. At least that's what it was with the original game. So, you're using AI Mod?
  7. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    No I play on Xbox so no mods.
    I am finishing season 3 of career (just finished Korea) in a Williams playing 75% Dist Expert mode. I have only won 4 races this season.
    Its gets hard to define what is a mid-range player. I race in our (RD Xbox) league and usually am in the top 7-10. Normally I am within 1 sec of pole time. I don't drive TT.
    BTW its not BMW Sauber any more just Sauber.
    I just checked some results. In Monaco in quali on primes my pb is in 1m10s, Spa also primes 1:42s

  8. Well these are good lap times. I don't know why you can't keep up with the AI's. Maybe the AI's on Xbox are harder? O_O I know it's not BMW Sauber. Even last year it wasn't but I just call it like this cuz I miss BMW. :(