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Left handed tracks....

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. Slightly off topic, but I find this strangely amusing and relevant to the BTB process.

    Having made quite a few fantasy circuits, I have just now realised they all share one trait.... they are all anti-clockwise. I understand is relatively uncommon in the real world (Interlagos, Instanbul Park, etc, being some notable anti's).

    I put this down to being left handed. I didn't design them that way consciously. .... Whenever I doodle a layout or sequence, it just alway ends ups going anticlockwise... Anyone else here left handed? Does this happen to you!?
  2. I don't think it matters realy.......you can make the track anyway you want???
    pink with blue spots

    course I'm barkin mad...you know
  3. When I draw paths in Google Earth (usually following roads), they often end up being anti-clockwise even though I'm right handed.
  4. Interesting!!!:confused:

  5. In the aiw dialogue, once you have appended the track and set the aiw lines up, click the next button down, 'Flip Direction' :)
  6. alot of australian tracks are anti clockwise
  7. I draw almost all my tracks as anti-clockwise, but that is just because I think I prefer the flow of a left-hand first corner as opposed to a right-hand (although I guess you could also have a track run anti-clockwise with an opening right hander)
  8. :redface: woops, I should read the opening post and not just the title before I reply :D