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Misc Leds Mod 2.0

Leds mod

  1. [​IMG]

    What's new in this mod ?
    The leds has better color, better brightness and they light up one by one (like in the real life) NOT FIVE BY FIVE like the original codemasters leds.

    All lot of choice for all cars between :

    All lights
    No green lights
    One green light
    Two green lights
    Three green lights
    Four green lights
    Five green lights

    In the rar, you will found leds for these cars:


    Leds Mod N#1:

    Leds Mod N#2:

    Leds Mod N#3:

    Leds Mod N#4:
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  2. I hope now you uploaded the files properly.:roflmao:
  3. Great thanks
  4. Leds mod n#1 - Williams and Toro Rosso will be added to the rar file Friday March 5, this will be like a little update :)
  5. Man, why you dont ask for permision to use HD wheels? Now if somebody has it will loose it with your mod... I did it myself (imported in venom's), but not everybody can do it himself...;)
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  6. i will see what i can do with the hd wheels
  7. Which wheels from Venom's , do you have ?
  8. I think red bull, mclaren, ferrari and Mercedes ;)
  9. can you send me the wheels in a pm for i add them to the leds mod ?
  10. the leds mod n#2 will be available here Saturday April 13. without the steering wheels HD because no reply from the authors :(
  11. No worries ! I think it is easy to insert it with RPE ! That's the easiest way.;)
    By the way...what is the difference between n#1 and n#2 ?
    I use your n#1 and it's very good , so Thank you for this !:thumbsup:
  12. the leds mod n#2 looks like that - [​IMG]
  13. ah, thanks, i see:thumbsup:
  14. Amazing, looking forward to all teams mod :).
    Keep it up, dude. Thanks
  15. I took single leds from here and repaint mod1 and looks very good, thanks, like HD leds in HD venoms.:thumbsup:
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  16. Mods N#2?
    Leds mod N#1, is it included on all teams yet?
  17. Can You Upload Your Work Silver?Thank's in advance for your cooperation
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  18. That would be great.:)
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