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Least Favourite Circuit

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by James Chant, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. James Chant

    James Chant

    We all have a favourite, but what are your least favourite circuits?
  2. monaco, just cos it lags behind the pits on my ps3 and i keep fading through walls into the water
  3. I voted Silverstone just because I find it boring. I find it boring in real life aswell. The only good thing about it is it's my home race.
  4. Silverstone is boring.. next i find turkey to quite boring too..
  5. Monte Carlo, Too many slow turns.
  6. Since i'm doing e-Racing i absolutely hate the Hungaroring. Never liked it, never will. ;) To me it's more like a Go-Kart Track than a F1-Circuit. ;) There is no other Racetrack where i instantly could leave it before the first Practice-session. ;)

    The other one would be Barcelona, because i don't know how many laps i've driven so far there. Can't see it anymore.
  7. I absolutely voted for Malaysia, I just hate that track because I just can't seem the right apexes and the track is waaaaaaay to wide
  8. Bahrain got my vote coz the slow section introduced for this season absolutely sucks. Terrible configuration.

    I think if ppl learnt the Marina Bay circuit they would actually like it. Hated it at first but now find it works quite well now that i know where to brake etc..
  9. ah I love Bahrain config but couldn't agree more with regards to Singapore. awesome track once you know your way round it. online is hectic because, as you say, most just expect to jump on a track and be competitive when in Singapore you just end of in the run off areas.

    can't get away with catalyunia. that's just because I need more practice, not down the the track
  10. Singapore, Korea and the new section at Bahrain ruins that track. Valencia isn't that great but its not as bad as the first 2. So mostly the tilk tracks...coincedence :tongue:
  11. Monaco, I hate it, and lag all the time
  12. Each to their own but i dont see how people can hate Korea either!!! The last sector is awesome.
  13. Totally agree with Kennethv, I don't like Malaysia, didn't like at GP4, and continue not liking at F1 2010
  14. I hate Monaco with a passion. I seem to be heading to the pits every other lap to have my car fixed. Just wish i could bypass that race in career mode.
  15. I hate Malaysia!
  16. Catalunya, just never liked the track and its annoying in this game aswell, my favourites are Spa and Turkey eau rouge and turn 8 ofc :]

    was wel suprissed to see Singapore scoring so high in votes awsome track to drive same counts for Malaysia, altho i agree on Monaco its to laggy for me atm 22fps :[
  17. Silverstone here. So hard to see corners comming up. If you dont know the track you're lost(which i am lol).
  18. I'm suprised at Monaco and Catalunya getting so many votes, they're great tracks!

    Yas Marina is my worst, terrible circuit.
  19. I don't get it either, I think Monaco is really cool once you know every turn. Ofcourse in the beginning it's a challenge to drive a lap without hitting anything but once you mastered every corner you can start pushing and it's fun:rolleyes:
  20. I'm not a big fan of any of the Herman Tilke circuits, but I particularly dislike Bahrain because of the mickey mouse first sector and China because I can never get the hairpin at the end of the long straight right. Not all of his circuits are bad though, I don't mind Turkey; it flows quite well and doesn't have the ridiculous double hairpin first corners that some of his circuits have.