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Learning Curve (Advice Requested)

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rob Butler, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. What is the best method to become a good driver on true sim settings?

    Time trials or races?
    Start with assists on and then turn off when you reach a high standard?

    Seem to be a very average player can hit a 1.25.650 in TT around Melbourne due to playing the track over and over again but this is with Traction control and ABS.

    Thanks in anticipation
  2. DO NOT PLAY TT if you want an authentic experiance!! :)

    Its extremely unrealistic and the grip levels are way to high.

    Just get used to using no assists in races online or in career/GP mode with fuel sim and tyre sim on. You will be a lot slower than in TT and take a bit more practice due to having less grip but its a whole lot more realistic.

    Oh yeh and... I say play with assists off from the word go. Dont even go down the assists road!
  3. Do you not feel it's worthwhile using assists/TT while you lack quality before you make the jump, or is this a complete waste of time. I've the racing line on too. I've only been sim racing for a couple of months now!
  4. Agreed with Chris on all point's. If you learn the track's in TT you will be in for a shock in career. As Chris advises just go straight away with no assist's I made the mistake of starting out with them so I had two learning curve's, the later being the steeper :eek:.

    TT is for fun along the arcade style route and once you get to grip's with the game you will understand what we are saying. But the best way to go is your own, try everything until you are comfortable driving and getting used to it all, oh and have some fun :D
  5. Good advice ^^ :)

    Ive been playing racing games for years and have always liked racing with no assists on at all (much more enjoyable and rewarding). If you start using assists in games this becomes the norm and will be hard to adjust to racing without them. If i was you i would play any racing game from the outset with no assists and you will be surprised as to how quickly you you get used to it and pick up pace. You will also find that it becomes natural for you to race this way and you will be able to go from one game to another with little problem using no aids.
  6. If you use a gamepad then use lowest traction control and enjoy the game. If using a wheel then turn all assits off.
  7. Cheers guys just had a 20% around Melbourne which I had decided was my last assist race. Disaster when I got clipped on the second lap, pitted and went for a 10lap second stint. Clawed my way back with a string of 1.28s gained the lead on the 10th and received a puncture while running wide at the 3rd on the final lap, picking up a puncture. Lost around 35seconds on the final lap. Gutting.
  8. I havent had a puncture since the patch :)
  9. Since I don't have hours to spend learning the tracks I play with the racing line (just corners) on in practice until I am comfortable with the track. Usually only takes 5-10 laps to get to the point where I turn the line off so I can learn where to look for the breaking markers. I then use the rest of the practice session to just do laps and try to put in a good time before quali.

    I used to play Expert with legend AI but I have switched it down to Pro AI as I have found that I couldn't keep pace in races. I'm sure I could do it if I practiced more but I find I am still challenged with my current settings as the AI still put up a decent qualifying lap. I want to race and not spend all day in practice :D

    Oh, and I play with ABS and Medium TCS because I have to deal with crappy pedals on the Logitech Driving Force GT (once I get some decent foam padding I should be able to live without the aids)
  10. Ooer, see what you mean about a 2nd learning curve. I'm in my 1st season, just started Shanghai. I did the 1st 3 races with auto brakes off, but ABS & TCS on full. I just turned ABS & TCS off for China, & there is a hell of a difference. I can see I am going to have to be lot less heavy footed. Spin spin spin atm. I'm still leaving the racing line on & no damage until I know what Im doing, perhaps turn them off for the 2nd season.

    Edit. Forgot to say I am doing Tyre & Fuel sim on.
  11. A little tip to learning no TC is if you have cruise throttle map setting use that for a while during practice, it is a little less forgiving while you get used to throttle control as that is the learning curve also manual gears are a god send for controlled slowing with no ABS so you avoid wheel lock that is easier to learn.

    I am using a 360 controller for PC and have no aid's what so ever and for a couple of week's now not even noticed I have them all turned off and I am faster MUCH faster average -5 on all my PB and the gap's are rising the better the car gets too :D
  12. I shall give that a go, & switch to manual gears as well. No damage will have to stay though as I really suck, & I'll give it a go with racing line only on the corners...

    Edit. 30 mins later, had a go with manual gears & racing line for corners only. Well the racing line isnt too bad, but the manual gears OMG that's going to take some getting used to. Lots more practise needed.
    What's worse than really suck???
  13. Go for career mode, with all Assists off and Tire and Fuel Sim "ON", but maybe during race you could turn your Fuel Sim "OFF" ..
    I made the mistake of starting TT before Career.. so dont do that.. Its an absolute "NO"

    everyone, i dont mean to be an ass here, but can you really classify this game as a SIM???
  14. Yeh :)
  15. alright.. everyone has the right to have their own opinion... so i shall not argue about that..
  16. Hehe,

    Perhaps a true sim would have more stuff to do with setups etc.. but im looking at it from more a driving perspective. For me the cars physics is really good and without aids and sims on you really need to concentrate not to put it into a wall. Also when racing online with ppl the same standard i find it real hard to pass someone and vice versa as we are all at the same speed at the same parts of the track, feels like proper F1. I love a good online race me does. :)
  17. Yeah online races with no aids kinda tough, but once you really play a sim, you will actually feel that TCS or no TCS in F1 2010 is pretty easy, various issues you dont have to look at while playing F1 2010

    Track Temp
    Ambient Temp
    Tire Pressures
    Tire Temps
    Engine Life
    i could go on..

    but, yeah, its not bad certainly.. CM has made a game tat can be categorised (for me) as "arcadey sim"
    but the game was direct towards mass crowd.. so its pretty normal..
  18. I think career mode is somewhat sim orientated but TT no way.

    I do get what fahad is saying though, I did before disagree with him and say it is a sim but now that you mention it, it does lack a lot of things...lets say what race on or gtr has, hopefully 2011 cm will add more in the ways of sim.
  19. Lolz, TT is worst possible game mode, if you get used to TT, its pretty hard to switch back to other modes..
    I hope F1 2011 will be a better and updated version of this game, coz this game seriously had the potentials.
  20. Hi guys,

    I am new to this forum. I have played this game for a while now but not as long as some of you. I find it really hard to play with all the assist off except for tyre and damage on. I am using a gamepad, I find it hard to change gear and brake. I think I need to find a good setting for my gamepad.

    It has been frustrating time for me. Usually I qualified reasonably well but each time during the race I would get either a tyre puncture or when I am into the pit, I lost a whole chunk of time. Recently, I find my car spin off even especially in 1st gear corner.

    I only play Career mode and I have started with Toro Roso. Maybe I should have started with lower team.

    Well, hopefully you guys can give me good advice on how to improve. Too bad I cannot use my old Logitech Formula Force (red) wheel.