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League Highlights Week 2 - PC's Saturday League

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Dan Hawkins, Apr 28, 2013.

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    Welcome to RaceDepartment's Community League Highlights.

    We Highlight the leagues on offer here at RaceDepartment to you the members of our great community.

    Week 2, Saturday Night League, On the PC.


    Our league is for PC, and it's on Saturdays at 21:30 GMT. The main feature revolves around the fact that we use 2012 performance as a tool to even out the field. We put the quickest drivers in the slower cars and viceversa. This creates a really competitive experience and a lot closer races. We revise the roster every 4 races to see if the fights are still there, and move people around in order to achieve as much balance as possible. We also test out all the tracks, in all the cars, because some cars are faster in particular tracks... so we keep that into consideration as well.

    Some of the rules/features for our league evolve every week, depending on what everyone likes/dislikes. For instance, we just asked everyone what they thought about 100% length races for the league and everyone seemed interested... So we're going to have a test run this Saturday to see if it works.

    League Organizer
    Giancarlo Pigati

    League Structure
    Aside from the regular Driver's Championship, we also have a Team Championship. The latter replaces the Constructor's Champ. This was introduced because we thought we'd be changing people's cars every so often, so it didn't make sense to make a CC. We have 4 teams, each with 4 drivers of different skill-sets. Each team has a name/logo (you can see this in the main thread for the league) and we're currently doing skins for all the cars as well. These skins should be completed by next Saturday.

    Anyways, this team structure means that even if you are not having the best race, your points still matter because they go to your team total. The teams are balanced as well so the championship is pretty close so far. If we have reserve drivers on a race, then whatever points they get are split and given to the teams that made the least amount of points in that event.

    Quickest Racer's
    Well, you'd have to see the Driver's Championship Table (again, main thread, second post). We've had 5 different winners in 7 races, and more often than not, the guy that wins the race may not be the one with the fastest lap time. This is partly due to the fact that the guys in the faster cars may be the quickest over 1 lap, but they may lack consistency, which prevents them from winning the races.

    Funniest Racers
    I think we have certain 'personalities' in the league, but I don't know that I can pinpoint someone as being the funniest.

    None at present

    Credit Where Credit Is Due
    Other notes just to give credit where its due, would be that from the league, Dion de Martines, Guglielmo Filippi, andrea Isgro and Dimos Kapourniotis help me out with car testing for each track, or with rule implementations. Justin Webley has been our news reporter of sorts, providing information for previews for each race, as well as asking questions to the drivers. Andrea, who I mentioned above, is also helping me with team skinning, we're splitting that task at the moment.

    Signing Up
    Like what you hear? Here's how to Sign Up,
    As easy as just posting in the main thread saying you want to be part of it. We usually have a race or two with the new participant in order to gage their skill level and what car they should have for the league race. Currently our grid is full but we have a list of reserve drivers that can join in case some of the 'official' ones cannot make it that week.
    Click Here for the latest race
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  2. Thank you all for the credits:)
  3. Oh btw - we're looking for a couple more reserve drivers at the moment, as we think some spots will become available in the upcoming weeks. If anyone's interested, just sign up :)
  4. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I would absolutely love to sign up. However, my game is modded too heavily to allow me to play online :(

    Also, I live in Australia, so i would probably lag like crazy ahah.
  5. Well, yes, certain mods do not allow multiplayer play. However, you can always turn off all your mods when you go online and then put them back on when you play solo. Something to consider.

    In regards to your location - Nah... I don't think so. Our league has drivers from Canada, Central America, and different parts of Europe. It's something we'd need to test out but I don't think it'd be a problem.
  6. This is an epic Championship to race in and im pumped for tonights race! Thanks to all involved!
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  7. I've raced in several of the RD's F1 leagues and I found this group to be the best. Giancarlo is very good at keeping everyone informed about events and the work that has gone into the team skins is outstanding.

    The F1 2012 car settings make for a very different race. In other leagues I could almost pick the top three just by looking at the drivers names but here it is different... Im a VERY slow driver compared to many of the online racers but as such I was put into the McLaren team. This helped me to have a better race and keep up more with others, so instead of spending the whole race waiting to be lapped I could actually keep up, for a while!

    I've recently had to pull out of the league due to RW commitments but if ever I get some spare time back in my life this will be the championship I want to be in again.

    Its different,
    It works
    & its fun!

    Go on... throw your hat into the ring and give it a go ;)
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