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Discussion in 'PC | F1 2016 DNA Racing League' started by Jas Verstoppen, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Jas Verstoppen

    Jas Verstoppen
    DNA Racing Premium

    Hi Fellow Racing-Fanatics,

    I'm sorry to say that I made the decision to exclude Melonade from our League.


    • Trying to re-register for the League under a different Account, pretending to be someone else. Why would you even do that while you're already in the League?
    • Various hickups in the last Race, with various Drivers.
    • Lack of communication and presence.

    I think I can't be more clear about this matter. This is not the way we want to go along and communicate with eachother in this League with a lot of nice people.


    Jas Verstoppen
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