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Tracks Le Mont Dore 1.1

Hillclimb for FT

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  1. hex


    Thank you, Patrick, for keeping Formula Truck modding scene alive :)
  2. I have just tried it but it doesn't work. It says: "Wrong GMT version (or GMT not allowed) SRPL_SKY3_DOME1.GMT"
    I have just tried another track convert by you (Pukekohe) and it works well.
    I have fTruck Steam version 1.20.
  3. Ok, I will investigate. Someone else?
  4. Still no clue?
  5. I need to know If anyone else has your problem.

    It seems to be a file not encrypted correctly
  6. It has been fixed.

    I will do an update soon.
  7. Great, I'm looking forward.
  8. It still not work for me. I have deleted whole the old folder and copied the new one.