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LCR Honda Skins Update LCR Malaysia Skins

LCR Honda Skins

  1. CalicoJack submitted a new resource:

    LCR Honda Skins Update - LCR Honda Skins

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  2. Indianapolis 2013

  3. rkh


    this is 2014, might be tough to get someone to make a 2013 livery
  4. It's not that problem to paint that skin on a 2014 bike, but at the moment im painting you NGM Forward Moto2 Team Bike for corsi and pasini! ;-) And i'm still working on a ficonal 2014 Simoncelli Skin! So it may last a while! A biiiiiig while!
  5. ok i can not wait skin moto2 ngm..when it's ready?
  6. Front is done. Gastank, Rear and Side has to be done. At the end all Logos has to be added! I think at least a week!
  7. the side is always that you're missing only rear
  8. rkh


    457333748 (1).jpg 457362930.jpg
  9. rkh


    sorry my head has not been clear for a few days. sorry i did not see it
  10. no problem man!