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LCR Honda GIVI update on RCV213v 1.0

Update for crutchlow´s bike

  1. Looking Good. will you also make the Castrol paint scheme?
  2. Im a big fan of Cal and I hope he will use the Castrol livery, anybody know if he will ?? If he will i will do it 100% ;)
  3. Nice livery, I also prefer the Castrol livery but this one is realistic and I thank you for creating it.

    Btw, I tried to install your Lowes livery but everytime I rebuild the DLC\DLC01\CONTENT.MIX with Mixfile ReMixer I get an error about "Non-negative number required. Parameter name: value". Are you having the same bug? (just to be clear, probably software is bugged, not your Lowes mod, since I have the same bug with vanilla content.mix, I just need to know if it's only my pc or not)
  4. i have no problem with it..sorry
  5. Great Livery... can you update the picture too? Crutchlow.png
    And if you want to make this one pleaseee... asparteammotogp_gpfrancia_37.jpg AsparTeamMotoGP_GPEspaa-129.jpg
  6. i already download your motogp texture pack... and the aspar is the updated livery...
    but if you can change all of these picture to the updated livery too it will be excellent... thanksss 1.png 2.png Crutchlow.png
  7. pfff.. sorry but i think it is not important, not for teams like LCR or Aspar, they had problems with main sponsor so you will to making these pictures by myself every race , cause Cal is going to have a different bike i think in Misano, these pictures are not important sorry
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  8. realitychecked


  9. No Castrol livery in Misano :cry: btw there is Unibat below both Cal's and Jack's windshield, will you update it?