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WIP Laza

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Simon Stager, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. "Laza"

    New project.


    3 Layouts:
    (1) - 3989m, 16 turns (9 right, 7 left), space for 42 cars
    (2) - 4007m, 17 turns (9, right, 7 left, 1 additional chicane), space for 42 cars
    (3) - 2408m, 12 turns (7 right, 5 left), space for 42 cars

    The video is from layout (1)

    Don't know what to say about it.... just take a look and give me feedback pls :)

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  2. Car's interior looks awful, but the track looks nice ;)

    Those large asphalt run-off area make it a typical modern track for wussies though ;) (make a huge mistake, fly off the track and into the scenery - no matter, just carry on...)
  3. SImon looks great. I think you have managed to make a realistic and believable track again, particularly with the use of all the track "stuff" or "furniture" (gantries, posts,adverts, boards, bridges, etc) to flesh out the venue. Is alot of that home-made or is it from xpacks?
  4. This looks like a excellent track indeed....Look foward to seeing the release of it.
  5. it look nice but might be a bit tight for a fast openwheel car like CartFactor.
  6. very nice!