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Launch dedicated server from Dedicatedserver.ini

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Yuri Braham, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. After a whole night searching and experimenting i got something for you.

    if you want to go advanced with your dedicated server. And don't want to use the simple GUI tool from steam anymore. Then follow the steps.

    You will need to do 3 things: get a dedicatedserver.ini, puth a extra system path variable and a command line in steam.

    First of all if you never launched dedicated before. launche it without doing any settings: go to steam > tools and start dedicated server.
    After you launched it you can close it. you have a dedicatedserver.ini now.
    Its stored under: C:\My Documents\Simbin\Race 07 Install 2\UserData\
    Open this dedicatedconfig.ini. As you can see there are more options inside.
    We will explain these later.

    How to change the system path variable:
    go to my computer > Click right mouse > Select properties > Advanced >
    Enviroment variables
    Select the Lower window and scroll till you see in the collum variables: Path.
    Select this with left mouse and click edit.
    slide till the right end of it. And fill in ;C:\here the root of STEAM
    *example* ;C:\program files\Steam
    Click OK.

    STEAM command line
    After that you will go to Steam > Tools
    Right Click on Tools
    Select Properties
    Select Set Launch options
    Fill in "RaceDedicatedServer_Steam.exe +autostart"

    And thats it have fun.

    Yuri aka Banzaai
    TFWgamer :beer: cheers!

    PS. to be continued
  2. hey thanks for this man - i searched for this info a while ago and gave up in the end...

    does this mean you can do things like override the 25 player limit from the gui?
  3. been there and tried that and sadly no, even if you alter the track file to say 30 the server auto reverts to 25
  4. booooo!
  5. As i sayed. it will be continued.
    The next point on the agenda will be the script command list.
    I didn't find it yet. In the list are all the options you can add.
    maybe there is something for the ai number!
    lets hope!
  6. yes but i did change the server ini file to 30 and the track gdb file, started it with the autostart command and yes it does start it without you having to go through the selection process on the gui but it still reverts back to the default 25 players once the server has started
  7. Yup. Thats the easy way. But somewhere down the files must be a key file. In this file are all the configuration you can edit.
    The dedicatedserver config is communicating with a file. This file contains al the variables we need.
    The big question is. Where is this file???
    I quess simbin doesn't want us to find it.
    but i am still searching and hoping finding something.
    I'm searching for the file that generates the dedicatedserver.ini
    But all the log/trace tools i have can't figure it out.
  8. nah, mate it'll be hardcoded in the code... so unless yer gonna reverse engineer it, you won't be changing it anywhen soon...
  9. yip and it probably set at 25 for a good reason, could be lots of reasons from lag or for peoples ability to run with so many cars or both.
  10. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada
    Premium Member

    An update on this, if you just create a shortcut with the path to (including "):

    "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\your_account_name\race07ds\RaceDedicatedServer_Steam.exe" +autostart

    You can have an independent shortcut to the server so you can start either with UI or directly depending on which shortcut you use.
  11. I am really sorry to bumb such an old thread, but this thread is the most info I've found (sadly) about command-line options for the Dedicated Server.
    Has anyone figured out anything else but +autostart ???
    I've been searching around the exe-file, and found indications of the following options :

    +passenger (Setting passenger Slot To Passenger)
    +name (NetComm set network name to "%s")
    +gamename (Setting Game Name to: "%s")
    +password (Setting Game Password to: "%s")

    ...but nothing seems to be working, other than +autostart... :-(